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  1. Great! Thanks. I'll keep you all in the loop when I hear back. Good luck to everybody else having the deal with these guys. Des
  2. Thanks for the swift response. The T&C can be found here: fitness4less.co.uk/terms_and_conditions.htm From my previous post, does it seem I'm in the wrong regarding cancelling my DD? I followed the procedure on the website and that is why I was so surprised to get the letter from Harlands. I've been ooking on the site. It seems like Harlands are frightening people left right and centre so I'd like to respond to them robustly and also take it up with trading standards or whoever are best to contact to highlight these practices.
  3. Dear all, Great website and excellent information. Below is an explanation of my current situation. It's a bit long but I have given as much info as possible in order to be as accurate as possible. Here goes... I was forwarded on a letter from my Mum today (I've recently moved back from abroad and have been using my parents' address) from Harlands regarding my recently cancelled Fit4Less membership. I cancelled my membership earlier this month as when I checked their website I saw that they stated: Monthly membership – paid via Direct Debit Membership agreement
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