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  1. Hi, I'd like to flag that fit4less and fitness4less seem to be different companies - I almost made the same mistake! The T&Cs for cancellation are different for each one - Fit4Less need the notice in the T&Cs whereas Fitness4less say you can just cancel the direct debit Hope this helps
  2. Hi all, After reading through many reviews and experiences of the cancellation issues with Harlands - I wanted to ask a few questions before I took any action which would get me into trouble/involve admin fees. I joined Fit4less in in September for £17.99 a month (no contract). I did use the gym at first but have not had the time to go recently and so would like to cancel the membership. However, I would like to do it in a fool proof manner so I don't end up falling into the trap of such charges and admin fees, that I have read about. What I intend to do: Send an e-mail AND a letter (recorded delivery) to the gym manager informing me of my intention to cancel, and accepting that I will pay one more monthly payment (as per the notice period of 30 days). This final payment will be in November. What I would like to ask is about the contents of the letter - Do I need to include the direct debit details? And should this letter also be sent to Harlands? Should I expect a reply from the Fit4less or Harlands, confirming cancellation? The reason why ask so many questions is that I haven't actually come across any experiences of people who have done it 'the right way' and had no issues whatsoever. So I'm just wondering if I'll get hassled regardless of how I go about cancelling my membership... Thanks very much in advance
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