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  1. Hello again Slick. They ignored my letter and just passed my debt onto another company and then zinc and now I'm being chased by Sprat Endicot. It says they're lawyers? and I have 7 days to inform them to set up payment but I opened the letter today and its the end of the seven days... what do you advise to do? many thanks Smiffy15
  2. The letter has been sent, first class royal mail signed for with proof of postage and tracking. So we shall have to see how this pans out! I will keep you posted when I receive the next correspondence! Thanks Smiffy15
  3. Hi Slick. Thank you so much. I feel so grateful that i have come across this website and you have helped me out a lot. will be posting the letter in the next hour, what was the thing i needed to request from the postoffice as proof of sending? Many Thanks Smiffy15
  4. Hi slick. Thank you so much for the help, will send the letter today at the post office. Hopefully this does not get to stressful a situation! But will you be able to help also if it gets taken further to either zinc or their dud solicitor? Many thanks Smiffy15
  5. Hi slick That is fabulous. No I have not sent the letter yet, the newer draft would be better please!. Was going to do it tomorrow, been super busy with uni work! I have heard of this Zinc company, hopefully it will not go that far but if so would you just approach them the same way as Harlands? Are their debt collecting procedures lawful? Many thanks Smiffy
  6. Okay I will do that. Im going to send the letter to Harlands tomorrow. What can i do if this does not work? or if it does work do I inform the gym? Smiffy15
  7. Hi Slick. Thank you so much for the help! Yes they were prescribed, a month or twos worth! Smiffy
  8. Hi Slick. Thanks for the reply. Its such a simple mistake that is becoming so complicated by this company. That is a good idea. How did you calculate the £29.98? As i pay £!0 a month for the memebership. I just want to get away from this company I only ever see these problems on the likes of Watchdog, I never thought id be in a similar situation! Many thanks Smiffy
  9. Hi. 1. I joined the gym on the 7th September and paid my first months 10 pounds and then 30 pound extra for discount PTS sessions. 2. I am not sure the exact date I cancelled the DD... it was about 2 ish weeks ago, I'd have to check with the bank. When I went to the Dr's they explained to obviously rest the leg ect but did not say not to go back for a certain amount of time but I have personally lost the confidence within the gym to go back and haven't returned since and plan not to. No I tried contacting the gym and I was just told I'm breaching my contract and I canno
  10. the gym is actually 'Xercise 4 less'.. . i keep getting them confused.... I accidentally cancelled my DD with Harlands as it was not set up correctly within my banking, amongst dud DD I have from eBay etc. After only hearing their name once I thought it was a dud one .. after investigating my emails I realised who it was a tried numerous times to contact them through phone to sort it out and as no one picked up I have received a letter saying I owe £25 administration fee and on top of that the £10 monthly fee due by today (20th oct). I panicked and tried ringin
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