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  1. Just going to wait to hear back from them again
  2. I have received a "final notice" off these Equita guys. saying despite their efforts to contact me the matter remains outstanding and the debt of £160 is still due. They will refer the matter back to Parking eye with their recommendations that they proceed with additional enforcement against me. I'm getting sick of this now i feel like ringing them up and going mad but I know that's not the best thing to do.
  3. So maybe another letter off these guys and then Parking Eye will possibly start contacting me again?
  4. Thanks mate.Will these guys pass it back to Parking Eye before i recieve a proper lba off them?
  5. after receiving a letter 2 weeks ago i have now received another letter off Equita. Do i still carry on ignoring these i take it? equita letter.pdf
  6. After not hearing anything for 7 months I have now received a letter off Equita Limited who are threatening me to pay £160 or they could advise parking eye to commence enforcement action against me which could involve legal action through the county court. What should I do?
  7. This is the 3rd letter Iv received off them now. I haven't responded to any.
  8. Latest letter of the debt recovery company...
  9. . Just received another letter off this debt company this morning. As you can see what they are saying, should I still be ignoring their threats?
  10. What should I do about this letter mate? And will PE likely take this further or not?
  11. So I don't need to worry about this then guys?
  12. That's the letter I received off them.
  13. I have many heard off parking eye since December but Iv received a letter last week off a debt recovery company wanting £150.00. I know Iv not been on here for a while I but here are the photos of the signage.
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