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  1. And so have I successfully with no problem. What I'm saying if not Vodafone stock directly from Vodafone an issue may occur and has for me across all networks. Especially with CPW or subsidiary companies. Just trying to think of reason gentleman having issues.
  2. I used to own a third party mobile phone business. We had immense problems getting iPhone stock as did CPW...where we got our stock. Any stock we bought although sim free was locked to first sim put in phone. This was the iPhone 5 and maybe 5s. All CPW stock. When we had issue CPW did exchange phone but then made clear all iPhones would lock onto first sim. I don't think Vodafone will be able to do anything as not their stock. Have you spoken to them
  3. I have accepted £324 (£100 excess) this was to be in my account today....it was not. They are now saying they want to deal with everything together. And are refusing to pay the claim money till we resolve the complaint. All calls recorded . Thanks any help appreciated. The £500 of my credit file, still not resolved, stress, breach of DDA is I believe worth £500
  4. Some apple phones sold by third party retailers like CPW were locked onto first SIM card inserted and my understanding they cannot be unlocked?
  5. Did you buy the phone 2nd hand. Was the phone originally bought from Vodafone or a third party retailer?
  6. Ok not sure if I know what to do. Can you direct me to find a pre action letter?
  7. The bank was Bank of Scotland. A premium account that included mobile phone insurance. I initially complained to them but they said it was nothing to do with them. The service was provided by a third party and not recommended by them. I'm 100% happy to take and proceed with legal action. This company need taken to task they hide behind listless group. They are same as protect your bubble and owned by Assurant. Lots of complaints online about them all. So yes happy to proceed against them, I'm assuming after review tomorrow the will stick to the £100. At which stage I want to issue the
  8. 02 refresh contract £600 to buy out contract which was essentially the cost of iPhone 6. Phone that was lost was iPhone 6. 5 weeks old . 3 months to deal with think £500 is fai. I didn't mention at the time that they also put a marker on my credit file suggesting fraud CIFAS. I got letter from bank advising me they were closing my account for commercial reasons. I spoke to a friendly person at bank who said they had fraud I fomation and to check my file. I did, called bank back challenged them and they agreed it was an error. The bank settled as gesture of goodwill payment of £450. So
  9. As I had to take out a ne phone contract, as I could not afford a new phone. The cancellation of this is £600.(cost of new phone). £424 which they have offered to replace phone. Plus £500 for not making reasonable adjustments dealing with me and for hurt and feeling.
  10. Hi folks, I raise a claim via my mobile phone insurer Lifestyle Group. This is underwritten and owned by the same people as #protectyourbubble (Assurant). I go through all the process and log my claim for lost phone. My policy says that it will be dealt within 1 day. After 3 days I'm told it's been passed to the fraud department. This is due to a system that told them to do this!! Eventually get phone call from this guy Sam in fraud. He is are that I have a disability and suffer from depression. He asks challenging and private questions. At all times I am told I can canc
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