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  1. Thank you And thank you to every one who's taken time out to reply to me.. I've never done this before, I don't knw what happened that day ..what I was thinking ,, now I feel I can't be trusted,, Every where I go I feel like a thief,,,... This is effecting me very badly.. I was on anti depressants,, I feel very bad for what I did
  2. Even before all this happened , I remember one guy on the perfumes made me feel really uncomfortable,, he would watch me ,, talk to other staff and look at me,,making it obvious he's talking about me .. I feel if I saw him he would make it clear to everyone of what I did,, I'm scared as I have seen him on my way to work,, I feel if he found out where I worked he would make my employer know.
  3. Thank you for you kind replies ,, I have been ignoring thier letters, I know I'm due the forth letter any time now, when the post man arrives I feel so nervous and feel ashamed again for what I did ...
  4. I have been reading the threads here. I was caught swapping price tag in a big store, I have never done this before, there is no reason or excuse, I have been going throught depression and anxiety for the last year,, I was feeling very low decided to go to town to pass some time,, while in the store I felt I was being watched, then I saw a man behind the counter watching me, while I knew he was watching me, I changed the labels, went to the till and paid £20 less,, the item was no interest to me, I give over £100 every month to charity so £20 was nothing,, but I made this mistake now I'm loosing my sleep, my confidence, I have revieved 3 letter from RLP which I have ignored, but I'm getting panic attacks,, I know I'm due another letter, I have been reading your threads,,, that have been helping me,,, I'm worried just in case my employer finds out I will get sacked,, I'm scared in case im on tv in the criminal programmes,, im petrified,,, I work with vunrable pple I'm scared my next crb will show this,,, as police were called and I got a fine £90 from the police and photo was taken by the police,,, I don't want to go out .. I'm embarrassed ,,,, ashamed to be seen with friends and family ..... In case I get spotted by the store assistance ,,, my life feels ruined,,,, RLP stress me when they write to me I'm crying all the time I don't want my friends or family knowing
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