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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. Great point. They said i could call back in 6 months and see if they can lift the ban.
  2. I may have received something but I wont know as I've moved house in the meantime. There is no way of me going back to get any mail that comes to the old house. Would that be an issue? And I dont think I should get any letters because I paid for the item right there and then..
  3. Hi guys, Ive jsut called up their security team and asked about my issue. Theyve said the ban is 2 years long, and that theyve got my picture and if i enter any of their sotres the cctv will be able to recognise my face and will be arrested... I don't think i will attempt entering and most likely will tell my husband and accept consequences...
  4. thanks for your help, i'll try it and see what happens. will drop a message on here and let you guys know
  5. Thanks for your comment, yes I paid for items and they gave them to me in a bag and with a receipt. I feel that theyve dealt with it quite professionally and let me off - its my first offence ever! and last thats for sure.. So, as mentioned the only thing which confused me was their letter of not being able to go into their stores (topshop, topman, bhs, etc) but no lenght of time is mentioned.
  6. Thank you all for your replies, made me feel a lot better! I have paid for the goods right there and then so I dont owe them anything at all. The letter they gave me is very vague altough I am quite scared to go into any of their shops as I dont want the act to be seen as "tresspassing". I will most certainly never do it again it has definitely had a huge impact on me (nightmares and sleepless nights). Do you think its worth giving them a call (not mentionining who I am) just to ask about their policies? There is nothing I can find online and I'm just a little paranoid now. Thank you all for your comments once more, I really appreciate it!
  7. They took a photo of me and said that it will be sent to all their stores. Could that be true? And the letter they gave me said it would be considered as tresspassing if I went into any of their stores and that I could be arrested without being told that they've contacted the police, that really worries me!
  8. Hello, I've been caught shoplifting a ring and necklace from topshop. Don't know why I did but it happened and never felt worst in my life. I've had sleepless nights since and not sure what to do about it. The security guard took me to the back, took my details - i gave them an address which is now old because I've just moved house - so not sure if i would get any RLP letter, though i shouldn't. While waiting in the room they put me in they went to find out the price for items which was about £22. They came back and said I could pay for the products or they can call police and of course accepted to pay for them. I apologised and after they took my picture, i paid for items and was escorted out the back. they gave me a letter saying I am banned from all arcadia group stores which confused me, I asked how long for and somebody said for life, then another security guard said 2 years and then another one said 1 year. Im not really sure what to believe?? As no length of time is stated on the letter.. My most important question I have arises from the fact that I have been banned from Arcadia group shops, and so I have to find excuses for my husband so that we do not go in there. I have since been in contact with the loss prevention team and I did firstly thank them for not getting police involved, then apologised and asked if I could be forgiven as my intentions are to shop in those shops. He emailed back a bit rudely (which I guess i understand why) and said he will pass on my email to the manager and its at his discretion whether I can go back. I have literally been so stressed out and it has been over 2 weeks and have not heard anything else from them. I just want to ask if anybody knows how long the ban is for and if there is anything I can do as I feel like my stupid stupid actions could literally break my marriage . Worst thing is my husband can sense something is wrong and i literally wake up shaking sometimes I feel so so sorry and so ashamed for the incident. Anyone has any advice?
  9. Hello, How long was your ban from Arcadia and how did you manage to be able to shop there again?
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