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  1. thank you everyone for your quick replies and help. i've sent them another letter, signed for, to their sensitive case work team as suggested. i've included a photocopy of my fathers death certificate as well, so hopefully this should be enough to halt any proceedings (and with any luck receive an apology too). The letters were addressed to my father yes, and no decision has yet been made about the car, i.e. whether to sell it.
  2. My father passed away in May of this year and left his car behind. The insurance ran out in the same month. Having very little knowledge about cars as I've never owned one and am still quite young I phoned up the DVLA who instructed me to send them a letter explaining the situation, that the car was being kept in private property, wasn't being driven, and that I would inform them once a decision had been made with what to do with the car. I did this, and a week ago received a letter from the DVLA containing a fine for £100 telling me that if I do not pay it s
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