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  1. Thanks a lot, I have bookmarked this link, and also I will be keeping any documentation I receive from the gym in a safe place.
  2. Oh great , its not that I didn't read the t&c or anything, its just its a little difficult to understand. Have you had any experience with them by any chance?
  3. Hi all, Yesterday I signed up for the £24.99 monthly option at a lifestyle fitness gym. I went on this membership type because I don't like the thought of contracts, and I wanted to try out the gym for only a few months. It states on the confirmation email I received, that its basically month to month, with a £25 joining fee. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59928[/ATTACH] I just want to clarify, if I was to cancel say, after 3 or so months, I could do this with 30 days notice for any given reason? I've heard some nasty things about gyms after I joined, and so I just wanted to double check. For the record, the option I am on stated NO CONTRACT in caps, so they should honour that right?? Thanks, also if anyone has had an experience with this membership package, I'd be interesting in hearing.
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