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  1. Sorry for the late reply... Ive been so busy. I've completed the claim form and submitted my defence to the County Court. I have been offered mediation to resolve the matter but I've decided to take it through court. I will do my best to convince the judge and have some useful information to rely on and hopefully put this matter to rest. Thanks...
  2. Hi, I'm expected to be in court next week to defend my case against Excel Parking/BW legal due to lack of signs at the Peel Centre in Stockport. The ticket was issued in June 2015. Several months later I came back to gather some photos as evidence only to discover that new signs have been put in place and now designated everywhere unlike before. Unfortunately the evidence I have so far would be insufficient to convince the judge and therefore would rely on information from anyone who can provide me details when the signs were renewed. I would appreciate if anyone has real photo evidence of the parking facility outside Argos at the Peel centre to illustrate the lack of signs. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me if they have received an official CCJ Claim form from Northampton County Court? The reason being that I've just received a CCJ Claim form for an alleged unpaid parking ticket dated last year. The form appears to be a photocopy (black & white) but I believe it should be a blue form? The stamp illustrating the crown doesn't appear to be an official stamp but copied. I would like to know whether I've received an official CCJ form and would appreciate if anyone can help. No doubt I will have to treat this matter very seriously in case its genuine and will endeavour to pursue the case. Many thanks
  4. Exactly. It appears all of them are playing a game. Like yourself, I received the same letter from BW legal. I will continue to wait before they take me to court before I take action.
  5. Thank you all for your help and advice but I've managed to receive free legal advice from a friend of a friend who is a solicitor.
  6. Unfortunately I couldn't give you an answer sorry. I was away on holiday until I got back to find a letter from Excel. I presume there is no way of finding out when the letter has arrived at my door?
  7. Finally, I managed to collate all the letters from Excel, ZZPS and Wright Hassall and Yes, you are correct, (sorry) they are threatening me with CCJ if I continue to ignore them. The date of the event was middle of June 2015. The total balance went from £100 which was originally issued by Excel to £150 when the matter was passed onto ZZPS. A second letter from ZZPS demanded this amount to be paid otherwise they will pass onto their solicitors and the total balance would increase by £25. Now, surely the total balance would equate to £175 but no, no, no. When I received the following letter from Wright Hassall, they demanded payment of £180!! So where on earth has the additional £5 come from??? There was no explanation on the letter whatsoever.
  8. Hi everyone, I parked my car at the Peel Centre in Stockport to pickup an item which was reserved for me in Argos. Its my first visit at the Peel Centre and no doubt will be the last. Upon arrival there were no visible signs or parking machines around the perimeter so I gathered the parking was free. I went to the store to pickup the item but was told it was reserved by their other store just around the corner. The staff asked if I parked my car here, I replied yes and so she advised me to leave the vehicle here and its only a 5 minute walk. I took her advice but didn't return until an hour later after experiencing a small queue at the store and receiving a phone call from a friend. When I returned back, there was no ticket on my windscreen and so I left the Peel Centre. 12 days later I received a PCN from Excel parking via post demanding payment of £60 within 14 days. I contacted Argos and asked to speak to the store manager but was told there was nothing could be done which was disappointing. Since then, following the advice I received from my friends after the experience they've had from other parking companies, I continued to ignore all letters and correspondence relating to Excel. Currently I'm at the stage in which I received a letter from Wright Hassall solicitors demanding final payment of £180 within 14 days or else a CCJ will be imposed upon me which will have impact on future loans and credit rating. I have searched a lot of forums relating to this matter and the majority of the people on here suggest to keep ignoring them since Wright Hassall has no grounds to issue a CCJ since their client is ZZPS Ltd who are debt collectors and not Excel Parking. Although it might sound crazy but do I continue to ignore Wright Hassall if this is the case? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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