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  1. It seems my account now outstanding is £825.02 and has been passed to the internal collections department been contacted by a Andrew Law-Riding Customer Liaison Adviser Directors Office Studio but the letter refusing to payback the defaults was a different office Complaints handler thanks Mike
  2. Suppose default charges are penalty charges just didn't think they charged me interest on them just on goods perchesd thanks dx just trying to get this letter sorted thanks dx
  3. Do Studio charge interest on defaults thanks Mike
  4. Do Studio charge interest on defaults thanks Mike
  5. Oh right dx I will do thanks I was looking at a similar letter on money saving expert saying nearly the same threating small claims court action thanks Mike
  6. Wow that is a letter and a half thank you dx you should take up writing poetry thanks again I will crack on thanks Mike
  7. Do I send a second letter to Studio insisting these charges are unfair thanks Mike
  8. Hi dx thought you'd say that Sir funny thing is I've never seen a credit agreement till now and not agreed to anything cheers Sir Mike
  9. Hi dx got letter this morning from Studios complaints handler saying I am in receipt of your letter and can confirm a copy of the credit agreement was sent to you which is sent to all of our customers therefore did not have your signature on it. Just reminding myself why default charges are applied n they charge these fees to help cover the cost incurred but however the credit agreement allows Studio to apply default charges in payment as these are less than the pre estimated costs to Studio they do not agree these default charges are unfair. That's it than mate thanks Mike
  10. Well I gave them 14 days to reply after asking for my money back so today is the last day thought letter then to remind them if not as above ombudsman thanks Mike
  11. Thanks dx so they have a long time thought I had to send reminder to Studio or even start with the ombudsman or as you say threaten court to gee them up thanks dx Mike
  12. Wel last of the 14 days I gave Studio tomorrow asking for my money back no reply so far thanks Mike
  13. Hi mate rang me today I was out I asked them to only mail me surely Studio know they need a signed n dated credit agreement by me not having that means I haven't agreed to anything defaults adding interest anything Studio say once you order an item and start paying for it means you agree to all the terms thanks Mike
  14. Hi dx well I asked for a copy of my credit agreement meaning agreement signed and dated by myself Studio odviously they do not have one the copy's they have sent are just waste of time do suppose they can put a default on my credit history or take me to court without a valid credit agreement they have put a hold on my account till 27 Feb so I'll see what happens if nowt then I'll think about the ombudsman thanks dx Mike
  15. Hi dx they phoned me I didn't know the number so answered it , the is only one date on both copy's that's at the top says consumer credit act 1974 Studio have signed it no date when signed no dignities by myself on ether but Studio have wrote my name and address on top off one I have never signed any agreement I also ask in future I would like to be contacted by post they still say my account started on 21/11/06 But not of the first list of transactions show account started 01/01/92 I sent my request for repayment of deefaults on 17/01/16 and gave Studio 14 days to reply thanks sir Mike
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