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  1. Hi Hortz. Yes she was on income support at the time so can prove it if needs be. She tells me that she already told them in her first attempt that she was unemployed but still got the final response letter anyway.
  2. I have a copy of the agreement. She is trying to find the t&c. I will post the agreement minus details
  3. dx on the credit agreement there is a check box for I confirm etc but ut also states" I have read and understood the terms and conditions" among other things. The check box has not been ticked in this agreement so she does not remember being asked to read them.
  4. Thanks again dx. So I guess my first salvo should be a letter asking them to re examine the case highlighting the fact that her being unemployed at the time would make ppi uselees to her and also highlighting the terms and cons not being read , to see what their reply would be.
  5. Thanks dx but the problem there is she did sign in the ppi box although she remembers it was sign here here and here with no explanation. hence them saying no evidence since she signed although the tick box for agreeing that terms and conditions had been read to her is unticked. yes she took the card out at a store and was under pressure at the time.
  6. Hi Sabresheep. Thanks for he reply but when she tried to reclaim she didnt mention to them she was unemployed. Surely this would be enough to try agian before going the fos route
  7. Hi all. Hoping someone can advise me on what to do for a friend who has had her claim rejected from Santander. I know the claim goes back a while , store card was taken out in 2000 and closed in 2004, and the agreement paperwork is clearly signed by my friend in the ppi section. But my friend explained that at the time in store of selling it was just sign here here and here. Nothing was explained to her at the time and subsequently when she tried to reclaim ppi she got the final response letter stating they had no evidence of miss selling so could not refund. Now at the time of getting the store card with the attched ppi she was unemployed , pregnant and on crutches so in my view the fact that she was unemployed means she should never had been sold ppi in the first place. Would I be correct in this as I am wanting to help her try to fight this case. She did hand it over to a claims company but they could do nothing as she had started the claim herself. Should I try agian and if so what would my best first approach be. Thanks all
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