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  1. Hi, It's really difficult to pin a number of hours we spent on the search for houses, also even more difficult to associated a value with those hours. We spent time viewing houses, so I suppose there is a fuel element, but it wasn't much in all honesty. Rent is the only thing I can see which is a definite figure which we have lost out on. House prices in this area have remained pretty level this past year so there's no financial loss from that aspect. Though I suppose by now we would be 6 months into a mortgage and we would have had a small piece of equity which is worth something,
  2. Hi again, I pay £700 a month rent. The time effected is circa 6 months. Can't put a price on the feeling of having to tell the kids we couldn't move into a home of own, finally. I spent 10 years diligently repairing my credit rating I cocked up as a youngster when credit cards were dealt out like sweets. Then ya get a kick in the balls by barclays, whom I've never done business with. I'll await your reply. Really appreciate the help. Hopefully I can get a reply written and sent on Monday. Cheers NB
  3. Thanks so much for your responses so far. Your help really is invaluable. See my answers below. Thanks again. NB
  4. Hi Thanks so much for the input. I'm just writing the letter now and have briefly pointed out the stress and worry they caused us, plus the financial losses which resulted from the default. I am in conference with my solicitor by email and he has advised me that it would be a straightforward case and I should be prepared to go to court and he is adamant that its a clear cut case which exposes their duty of care. With this in mind , do I openly theaten court action in the letter? Do I send back the cheque they sent me? Do I state that I reject their offer of compensation?
  5. Hi All, First time poster! I've been battling with Barclays over a default they placed on my credit file purporting to a current account with Barclays which I didn't recognise. Six months ago my partner and I were house hunting, at this stage we were really just getting a feel for the market. A house came up that was perfect and we set the wheels in motion hoping to get a mortgage offer sorted within the week and put an offer in. After visiting a mortgage advisor, he asked for copies of our credit files, which we duly acquired from the two credit reference companies and sent th
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