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  1. I had a long talk with KF area manager yesterday afternoon. He claimed they asked my girlfriend if she would like them to balance the wheels while they had them off to check the brakes, which is a definite lie, she was never asked any such thing and would not have agreed. He positioned it as though he was on our side and had got the fitters to agree the nitrogen inflation was not strictly necessary. He told me the fuel additive was a fantastic product positioning it as though they were doing her such a big favour by adding it he said "to help it through any future mots", why would they need to
  2. Yes the trading standards web site is an own trumpet blowing bit of propaganda which basically says "we are too busy being important to talk to ordinary people, contact the citizens advice service in stead"
  3. The area manager called briefly to say he couldn't comment untill he's spoken to the lads at the branch. Said he didn't want to upset them before the weekend. I commented that they had upset the customer so much she was in tears for the rest of the day and miserable for the next week.
  4. I don't think we are going to agree on that one. If the tyres are not unevenly worn what is the point in doubling the cost of replacement by an unnecessary tracking check. If one side wears off the tyre I'm hardly going to say the fitter damaged the tracking or somehow fitted the tyre only half on the rim. Surely you don't have your wheels tracked every time you have a puncture or need a new tyre? In 40 years of motoring I've never known a tyre place want to check the tracking unless there is uneven tyre wear / feathering of the tread. You might as well suggest they fit new rims incase the ol
  5. By debit card as she has no credit cards - which is a pity.
  6. Thanks, I've emailed their chief exec and quickly received an email this evening from their area manager asking for my mobile number. As for authorising the work, she was in such a state she can't remember exactly what she was coerced into saying but thinks it was something like "if the brakes are dangerous you had beter fix them". I've had it up on the ramp of a friend's garage I can see 3 of the wheels have new balance there are new front pads, discs and springs - obviously I can't check the fuel additive and brake fluid but in any
  7. Um, it is a jpeg, when I hover over it is says KF001.jpg
  8. Last month, while I was out of the country my girlfriend, a shy kindly easily intimidated lady (who wouldn't say boo to a goose but would give her last penny to help somebody in need) had a flat tyre in her old but reliable Toyota Yaris. A work collegue fitted the space saver wheel and unfortunately told her she must go directly to the nearest tyre place (rather than her usual trusted garage) and have it fixed .She took the car K.F. Chesterfield branch on Lordsmill street expecting to pay up to £50 for a new tyre if it wasn't repairable. Without being asked they checked
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