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  1. Hello there , after a while i have to come back and write .. Appreciate your time of reading this and helping me . After few months of silence from "r..l p this letter show up . (again , no police was involved , one and only products was returned in the same condition , it was a swapped price , a bad thing from my side and also silly I'm honest and i definitely not agree with what i have done .. ) I guess they are an agency of collection "*county collection l t d .. It sound like this .. "We are instructed to recover the outstanding liability against you, wich we understand is not disputed. Could you please contact us etc within 7 days etc. . A County Court Judgement , which remains unsatisfied after 30 days may also affect your credit rating. . (Can affect my credit score ?do they have acces to this , should i be worried about this ? What exactly means ? ) Etc etc bank details for payment. . 7 days to avoid further action .. " ?? Are we in uk ? I mean i haven't produce any loss to the company which demands money ?! Ok let's say they are speaking in the name of retailer but even there the only loss that "was create" is that the "time" of that person , which is also part of the job to that . . i mean if I'm asking a retailer to help me out with some product to find it , are they gonna ask for money and if i refuse they gonna take me to the court ?? Isn't his job to do that ? This is harassment for me .. since 1y .. and I'm pretty sure if ever I'm gonna pay that amount they still gonna ask for money ... Anyway , Should i take this letter seriously and start thinking about lawyer's ? ? I need some advice please .. What can happen in the worst case with this letter from this agency ? Did it happend again in the past ? What should i expect? Sorry for to many questions but I'm kinda like to take care like nothing bad can happen. Thank you again for your time and advice .
  2. Ok , what about third letter that I receive which is sound like this : " We are writing to you in respect of the above incident to assist you in clarifying a few matters, AS WE ARE AWARE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN SEEKING ADVICE FROM THE INTERNET. Please note that had you contacted us directly, we could have addressed all of your questions suitably to fit the specifics of your case. We advise that it is also in your best interests to obtain independent legal advice on this matter, rather than TAKING OPINIONS FROM THE INTERNET to ensure you understand your position and that it relates to the specifics of your case. We informed you of our CLIENT'S CLAIM in a polite and informative manner and provided a useful question and answer with our first letter to address many regularly asked queries. Our first letter also advise you on what your options are which includes disputing the claim, advising of any mitigating factors, making an offer and paying. Should you require any further information, our staff are well trained, professional and polite and are used to answering queries so that you can make an informed decision. " ? ? ? ? ? ? How can they follow me on this site ? I didn't insert my details , only my email .. Because I'm the only one who gets this letter, my partner not. And i received on the following day after my last post on this site .. What's going on ? Can please someone help me please ? Should i start stressing up and look for a lawyer ? Just in case ? I have a question, they saying the client claim this money ..good ,let's say the client himself send me a letter for money , for their lost (time) ..then , do they have legal power on me ? Is it a strong reason to demand money for that ? Why they using r..lp ? Still surprised of this letter and how they know about my concerns on this site , I'm felling a little bit harassed ,i mean they enter on my private life !! It shouldn't be they're problem from where I'm looking advice !
  3. I see you are perfectly right , it's silly .. the loss the retailer suffered is 0 . The employee of the retailer lost TIME by following and checking everything ! Well that is his job ... i'm sorry for what i have done but this RLP if they don't have power by law on me then im not gonna pay them . Anyway thanks a lot Silverfox, honeybe and renegadeimp , appreciate everything !!
  4. Hi to everyone who read this ... I had receive my second letter from RLP it sound like this : "...etc we have receive no response ...... As well as being a victim of crime , our client has the right to bring a civil claim against you and your co-defendants for damages . You have not sought to deny your action , or offer any explanation . Our client appreciate there are many reasons why incident of this nature occur , but wishes you to understand the impact of your actions and accept responsibility for them . Before taking any further steps in this claim , our client invites you to advise us if there are any circumstances wich you would like to be taken into account. Whilst there is no legal obligation to consider mitigating circumstances in civil proceedings, our client adheres to core principles originally agreed with ACPO (the association of chief police officer ) , and abides by its own ethical codes. This ensure a degree of protection to those who may be considered vulnerable, or those in long term severe financial hardship. If you consider this may apply to you, it is important that you notify us your circumstances, so that they can be given due consideration and the appropriate action taken on your case . Please be assured that our staff are professional and non-judgmental and will deal with any communication sensitivelyand sympathetically , and with complete discretion. Any information you provide will be used only for the purpose of determining whether to proceed with the claim ,and will be treated in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We summarise the option to you : -Submit a written defence , with a full account of your version of events -Setlle the claim , with or without admission , by paying the ammount stated 115.75£ -If you wish to settle the claim , but cannot do so within 14 days , contact us to discuss payment etc -Negotiate an alternative settlement by contacting our Collections Department on 01159706231 -Advise us of any other relevant circumstances you wish to be taken into account We require a response or payment from you within 14 days of the date of this letter , in order to prevent further action being taken. " I KNOW IS A LOT OF READING BUT PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP WITH THIS . What exactly is trying to say especially in the third paragraph , is it bad , should i do smthing ??? I haven't seen this letter in the site probably i didn't search good , and I'm a little bit worried. Has anyone got smthing like this before and ignore it ? As i said before I'm not from here and i don't know how things work x_x and ill appreciate every response, i need help . Thank you a lot for future response and time !!!!
  5. Now i understand everything how it works. THANK'S everyone for your information and replies , and for sure i won't do it ever again in my life .
  6. Thank's a lot for your quick reply and for your help . I'm 21 . And yes you are right , after i read that it seems they really try to scare people and try to get that amount...but no chance .. I'm gonna ignore it i won't pay , I'll wait to see what happens next and I'll come back here if smthing goes wrong . I rather prefer to make a donation to this site instead of paying them.(can i use that link above in future for donation ? ) What happens if i leave the country at somepoint cause I'm not from here , will they chase me ? And oh yeah another thing ... can they let other people know like important person from where i work , about what I've done or stuff like that create me problems , I'm employee that's why I'm asking. Thank you again Silverfox , appreciate that.
  7. Hi everyone , this is an excellent idea to find help , im new to this , and a big Thank's for that . Now I'll tell what happened . I've done one single swap price at retailer , this is my fist time and last , when i had done something illegal , I'll definitely not doing it again never . The police IT WAS NOT involve , the item was returned back as i took it from shelf and i was scared for first time , and i sign a thing about BANNING , i tried to read it but the guy there explained to me that im gonna be banned from tesco , he was trying to make me sign it , my girlfriend was with me as well .. i don't know if she is in that kind of category - > "involved ", even if she didn't know and do nothing wrong .. and they put her to sign as well AND...now we both have a "gift" from RLP where they asking 115.75£ ...each Now my question is , let's say i ignore the letter , let's say i wont pay it , What if they take me to the court ? What if they have prove against me like cctv video ? why they mention in letter about "take legal advice" ... or " We are required to refer you to the Practice Direction for Preaction Conduct[....] .The Court has power to impose sanction on any party who fails to comply with the Practice Direction " "We are also required to inform you that ignoring this letter may lead to our client starting proceedings .." What should i do , i need someone to explain me , has anyone try not to pay them and then at somepoint the RLP give up ? Should i try to send the letter in here ? Thank you very much for your time !
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