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  1. sadly i aint had it since feb 2015 just annoyed how they have gone about it and have no interest in helping me i dont think the car was assessed properly at the time they bought it off the previous owner
  2. no offence but why do people seem to find a way to claim off everything if it causes you a big issue and you car doesnt run as good after VW, Audi, Skoda or Seat has messed with it then why make a hassle of putting a claim through i am pefectly happy with my Audi and had a letter from them stating my engine is effected but if it doesnt cause me a major concern then i won't claim Only time ill claim is if my insurance rises alot of the Tax goes up as its currently only £30 a year
  3. Hi Need some advice i bought my car from a dealer Car Time in Bury Audi A3 S Line 2011 final price once paid will be £15,250, I have had this car back on numerous occasions not for mechanicial faults but for small defects 1. back window wiper washer blocked twice (2 Seperate Trips) this was fixed quickly without any issues as i only had the car a week 2. Interior Mirror came off with slight movement 3. Cambelt Changed due to squeek with car when engine was cold 4. Diesel Filter light kept coming on (now been fixed) 5. Arm Rest Latch Broken - Refuse to Fix Under Warranty
  4. I think i may of opted in to that a few years ago when i wasnt doing the kind of hours im doing now the work has picked up and everyone is now doing long hours, i will speak to my collegue tommorow and get him to bring his contract in so i can read it i cant seem to find mine There was nothing in the contract about them deducting wages without giving me notice this is now being dealt with by acas, Problem with the crash was over tired on my way home driving in the dark i was simply not concentrating, The company is a shambles that many people hav
  5. Hi Looking for some advice i returned to work on Friday 16th October after 2 weeks of paternity leave and every day from then to now i have been working over 14 - 15 hours a day due to poor management skills, lack of communication between other engineers and contruction issues on the job, your being told to wait for this person they will be this long you're waiting over an hour for them to do the job then 1 hour and 30 minutes for your job which you cant start until they have carried out their job im on pay per job and being told to wait around or ge
  6. Im speaking to the top boss tommorow and im demanding he proves the business has liability insurance may have to involve my union if he becomes an idiot
  7. Hi guys i work for a company called xxxxxxxx a company who are well known for ripping people off on the job, I work on the Virgin contract and had a job which involved abit of cable clipping and cable splicing as the customer didnt want extra holes drilling through her conservatory luckily i found an exsisting RG6 sky cable on the roof of her property which i barreled on to and tucked behind the gutter no tugging or pulling involved as i just slot it behind and then clipped the way around to my access point. 6 weeks had passed since the job had been completed and th
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