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  1. Hi all, Sorry for my delay in updating but to be honest other than letters demanding money for arrears and text messages and calls which I have so far ignored, not much has changed. Trading standards have also been informed of my dispute on several occasions when I have contacted citizens advice. I guess now its a waiting game until they take me to court unless you have any other suggestions for me to move things along. I appreciate all your advice and wish you all a hasstle free new year! Many thanks, natalie
  2. Also I emailed the CMA with my complaint and they responded that they would pass the info to their 'pipeline and intelligience team' and would contact me if they needed any further info. It feels like an automated dead end!
  3. Hi all, Well no surprise I didnt get my letter of deadlock which I requested from them on November 18th. Instead I have received this week, 2 texts advising me that my account is in arrears, and to contact customer services.....and today I received a letter dated 4th December stating I had 7 days to pay £155 in arrears. I am not sure how to tackle them now. Should I write to them stating that I give their lack of response as to my deadlock request as their agreement in the situation.? I recall thats how I worded it in my letter to them as opposed to giving them 14 days to resp
  4. Oh dear....I registered the letter yesterday! I thought the consumer ombudsman service would arbitrate in a situation where a consumer was in dispute with a service provider.... I will have to wait till they reply. Thanks again,
  5. I notice that in october 2013 that you had a blog from a lady called carol, in dispute with AMSL over her 4 year old son needing to cancel karate classes for her 4 year old son who had an injured hand/thumb. This is the same karate club I am trying to cancel for my son..... I wonder if anyone heard the outcome? Same teacher/owner..... Club called Sutton Martial Arts Academy SMAA.
  6. What was the outcome of this case? This is the same Martial Arts academy I am in dispute with....... I hope the lack of further posts means there was a positive resolution.....
  7. Dear all, I have written to AMSL one last time, requesting a letter of deadlock from them so I can take my complaint to the financial services ombudsman. I understand that before you can get ombudsman service you need to have reached a formal deadlock. Im hoping that AMSL will realise I am happy to take the matter further and 'might' back down, only im not holding my breath! I will keep posting when I have further news. Thanks for your advice and mental support.....it is appreciated. Natalie Sorry, the above thread should have read....consumer ombudsman service. My le
  8. Thank you slick....I will follow your advice and contact trading standards and the CMA. I will post my letter here as soon as I pen it. Many thanks for your advice again. Natalie.
  9. Hi all, Well following the last letter I sent to AMSL they have responded and have not budged from the £621 they want as a final settlement. Im not sure what to do now. Should I write one last letter suggesting I will pay a 3 month cancellation settlement? That would amount to £210.... and I would gladly pay it to get them off my tail. Or should I leave it with them and say they can take me to court? On December 1st, the first payment would be due and I expect to start receiving letters for arrears..... Given that I did sign this contract for 12 months I am concerned that d
  10. Thank you slick, your advice is so helpful. I will pen the letter this evening and register it tomorrow.
  11. Hi all, sorry for the gap in my updates, I have just come back from leave. Ashbourne have responded to my letter offering me 25% discount as a final settlement bringing the amount they expect from me to £621. I think I will write back this week that this is still unreasonable but I am scared to push my luck too much. Im sorry I have been unable to scan my contract and post it as my PC has died a sudden death. Do you think turning down Ashbournes offer will reflect badly if they take me to court? To be honest if they offered 50% reduction I would probably reluctantly accept it just to
  12. Unfortunately I have already sent the letter....I had such a bee in my bonnet yesterday! I do have a copy of the contract and yes the 12 month minimum term was added in writing after I stupidly signed but I have no way to prove that. It was the teacher/owner of the club that filled it in and whilst she has told me she will support my sons decision to cancel, im not sure I can rely on her, as she was the person that bamboozled me in the first instance and she is quite the business woman herself. In terms of what I told Ashbourne in my long winded letter, I mentioned the contract i
  13. Thank you all so much for your advice, I am really scared to front this out in case it does go forward into a court battle as I would have minimal monies to pursue legal representation. However, I also feel that they are purely out for their monies and couldnt care less about the clubs they act on behalf of or the youngsters that attend......so for this reason I will take my chances. When I wrote to them last month, I offered to pay a cancellation penalty or their commission that I assume they receive. Their response to suspend payments for 3 months was no news as they had told me this wou
  14. Hi all. I am desperate for help to see if there is any way I can cancel a 12 month contract before the 1st payment is due this december. I stupidly signed a contract for my 7 year old son who wanted to continue his karate classes having just been awarded his infant black belt. He has been a member since December 2013 and attended this local club weekly till 24th june this year where he earned his final belt. The teacher asked him if he wanted to continue into junior classes as he received his belt and he said yes in his excitement. I had 10 mins to fill in paperwork before the next
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