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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply. The broker is or rather was Baker Williams 11 OldH all Street Liverpool they are no longer at that address
  2. Hi everyone I am a newbee to this forum. I have been reading your threads about sspl and could really relate to them. I got a personal loan against my home in 2006. I was told I had to have ppi, however when my ex husband was made redundant we were not covered. I have been trying for years to claim back the money which is over £10,000. everyone just passes the buck. I have got a customer copy of the loan agreement. I have wrote to sppl who claims it is the brokers responsibility who has gone bust. any advice please? Thank You
  3. I also would love some help or advice. I was informed that I had to take out ppi on a personal loan that was secured against the mortgage which totals more than £10,000 in April 2006. I have wrote to everyone involved who pass the buck, this has been continuing for several years. any ideas please???
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