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  1. I was really hoping for a list of people they work for...or represent? I would happily copy and paste the 'ticket' and inform the landowner what type of company they have engaged to work on their land......it really is that comical..
  2. Thanks......are we to be therefore concerned?
  3. YES - Sorry, she was not sure who/why or what.....
  4. I have just moved in with my partner and she has re applied for tax credits - however 2 days after doing so she received a letter from HMRC - or their partners - suggesting she needs to provide bucket loads of personal information. She called the company to state the claim they relate too is no longer valid but was dismayed to be told she must produce requested information. The letter she recieved is very derogatory and implies we have been living together for a while.....? Any suggestions or similar experiences?
  5. Thanks...........there does appear a lot of information on MSE in respect of this company - I gather the advice is therefore to ignore?????
  6. Feel sorry for them????? shame on you 71..........some are also claiming to have some spectacular clients on a pretty abysmal budget.....
  7. I fear you are deliberately missing the point...which is logical due to the amounts of post you have made on a parking forum....unless you are another who needs to advertise your wares free of charge? Advice I sought previously proved futile...yet amusing...as my knowledge of appeal companies and PPC's dramatically changed.
  8. After some simple research and from running my own business, I was wondering how on earth do some smaller operators (apparently) service their clients, when they have to pay IPC memberships, POPLA and (maybe not) staff wages? Yes I applaud aggressive criticisms of parking operators.....although some are better than others. I do have similar reservations about appeals companies.....
  9. My point exactly 71..........I am a critic of any of those who rip people off....and offer poor advice and I encourage others to do the same.
  10. I am not sure you are correct............notwithstanding, it appears to me many individuals whom receive many 'thank you' are not only incorrect with their information, advertising their biased wares or influential in having posts removed..... makes sense if revenue is generated from advertising.....
  11. Eh.....do u not like others having a point of view 71?
  12. Is it possible that Appeal Company directors do indeed influence the statements/arguments posted on forums designed for the selling of advertising? I fear they are....
  13. Just a quick question, but why on other forums, when regulars are proven incorrect (and arguably costly to motorists), one is either barred from posting or accused of being a Parking Operator....Some of the advice on MSE and others is appalling.....and am I right in thinking that the moderators on some forums are indeed directors of appeals companies?
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