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  1. Thanks for your reply - all noted. I hadn't been having statements, no - hence today's request for some from January 2012. I don't recall any letters about using the PPI either, I have a file with all correspondence in and there is no mention of it in there. I'll see what the statements reveal and, if appropriate, get copies of any correspondence. Thanks for that statement request, I'll take a look. Dimps
  2. PPI used to set off credit card debt I have found out today that 3 years ago Halifax used my PPI award to set off against a credit card debt. I haven't had any correspondence about this at all. It only came to light because a few weeks ago they sent me a letter and questionnaire saying that my PPI claim could be reconsidered. Today's letter says that it was reconsidered in 2012 (without my knowledge) and I was awarded £1100. I couldn't find any record of this in correspondence or bank so rang them - after much faffing about the girl said it
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