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  1. the new MAN was dated 7th jan - it was a copy of the same MAN dated in december with a new date on - this 1 came with the info. She handed the MAN over as I handed the letter to her. the MAN was for the same course starting 11th jan I did not attend course, I got a phone call from manager saying she had letter and wouod get back to me - to date I have heard nowt
  2. The man was dated 7th - and I was suppose to start on the 11th, The course is about team building, meeting new people, managing money - health and safety, etc. All this was covered on the confidence course I attended ( apart from managing money) as I told her I'm a grown up I don't need help with my money
  3. It was the same man - different date - after I handed her the letter she also gave me the details of the course. Seems similar to the confidence course I attended earlier in the year, except that was for 1.5 hours once a week. it's actually ran by the same group aswell, How m any paper bridges do they expect yu to make on the worK programme :mad2:
  4. The manger rang me last week to say she had seen the letter, and would get back to me - she hasn't as of yet - she also never sent details of the jobs open day i asked her about - which is suppose to be friday
  5. Well i handed in my mandatory reconsideration letter over a week ago, I did not attend the new course, which was suppose to be 3 days 10 - 3, after i had handed the letter in , the advisor gave me duplicate man, with the information about the course. This was not included in the 1st man. After quickly scanning through this course I noticed it was similar to the confidence building course - I had already done ( 12 weeks @ 1.5 hours a week) Dunno why they think making bridges out of paper would help me :x:x I refused to attend this new course on the grounds that they did not send
  6. thanks so much lapsed workaholic - the letter is greatly appreciated, all these holidays I have been stressed out - to the point of really losing my temper, which is so unlike me and in answer to the last post - they seem to try and have yu jumping through the same hoops over and pver again - so they are seen to be trying to do something
  7. Feeling and doing are two different things. These people are just stressing me put completely - just to get them off my back for 5 mins would be nice I cannot do 3 full days on a course which I have no idea which it involves :mad2:
  8. I can say - receiving this letter before xmas has ruined the holidays, I am so stressed about this - preety much 3 full days - if i could actualy manage to do that i would have a bloody job I am now fed up of the pushiing and shoving these people do - it feels like bullying, I hae not slept and feel like going into the office and smashig the place up :mad2:
  9. hi all, after completing the course - 6 weeks of hell, which most i had already covered in cbt theraphy , today I got my xmas preset off people plus ( the new name they go under ) a 12 week slow track course /?? slow track to what i have no idea as there are no details with it attendance is mon, tue, wed 10 - 3 seemingly it will support with future employment prospects - i cannot see me attending this course - i am so stressed now i feel like telling them to shove the whole lot and there money up there arse :evil:
  10. do i ask the advisor for a mandatory reconsideration - or not turn up and ask the dwp when they ask for a reason to sanction me ?? thanks again
  11. rang my advisor today to rquest information about this course and enquire about the suitability it would be for me given my health conditions - she said she didnt really know anything about this course as her manager had sourced the funding for it its called steps to excellence ran by the pacific institute have no idea how this will benefit me - more like just cause me stress and anxiety :mad2:
  12. I didn't realise it wasn't madatory to attend these activities - they just say turn up or lose ya money
  13. I recieved a new MAN today saying I have to start a new course on wednesday for 3 hours for next 6 weeks I am on e.s.a wrag group this is really stressing me out as I have no idea what this entails, Its the lenght of the course thats getting to me the most I have had to sit in this place is an hour I asked when I spoke for more info on this so called course but the advisor didnt have any information on it - or didn't provide any with the MAN I received today. Am I right in thinking I can refuse to do this course as this did not provide any information as to what will be
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