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  1. Hi All, I'm renting a property short term for 6-7 months and have electric supplied by Scottish Power. Initially the Direct Debit amount was set to £50, which quickly became apparently as being massively over-estimated. I generally only use around 3kWh per day, so the actual bill is next to nothing, and in 3 months I have now accumulated £70 in credit. I managed to reduce my direct debit via my online account, which was a struggle in itself. If I reduced it by more than £4 at once, it demanded an upfront payment and estimated I would be £6000 in debt at my yearly review. I eventually got it down to £25 which seemed sensible, though received an e-mail a week later saying it had been reset to £50. I can no longer change it via account as I have exceeded the number of changes per year. I phoned Scottish Power today to ask them to reduce it but the customer advisor told me the lowest they could do is £37. Seems a bit daft. Even at £37, I'll still be accumulating a significant credit amount per month, in addition to the £70 already sitting in my account. I'm only expecting to be in the property another 3 months so it seems daft to continue throwing money into the account when it's obvious they're just going to have to refund it to me at account close. Anyone any advise or how to deal with it sensible in the present? Thanks
  2. Hi, Thanks for the replies, especially Malc. As an update, Spark have removed the electricity part of my account. I have opened an account with Scottish Power, with the correct serial number, address and readings. They have said they will get the national database updated.
  3. I have contacted the two e-mails above to see if I get any feedback. I have spoken to Spark who have raised an ET and cancelled the electricity part of my bill. They say Eon will then be responsible for the billing of any period in-between the ET between Feb 2015-September 2015. But I assume by this they mean Eon is actually supplying the meter serial which isn't mine? That's why the confusion in my head arises. For example. I live in Number 1, with Meter Serial A in my flat. Spark think I live in Number 1 but with Meter Serial B in my flat. They say they ETed the supply from Eon in February. So who has been supplying Meter Serial A in Flat 1 for the past 6 months? Who's been paying for it? This is my first encounter with such a problem as the system in my home country is much simpler! I have spoke to Scottish Power to try and get the national database updated with the correct serial number for my address.
  4. Hi fkofilee, Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'll send an e-mail and see what they come back with. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'd appreciate any advice on the below as I already fear it is going to turn into a messy debacle. I recently took up tenancy in a property on 17th September. I was informed by the letting agency that the energy account with Spark was transferred into my name (and I was welcome to change it) for dual supply. Yesterday, I received my first bill for 17th September - 1st October period from Spark energy. The gas meter serial number is correct and the readings are in agreement with the actuals. That's no issue. The Electric meter serial number in the bill is completely incorrect, compared to the electric meter serial actually in my flat. Equally, the readings on the bill are completely off from my actual readings. I have contacted Spark and gave them my actual serial number, which they claim is actually registered to to the address next door (separate building). They then say it has been an erroneous transfer from February 2015 and to contact the previous supplier Eon to sort it out. Also, due to Data protection obviously they couldn't divulge any details about what serial number and end reading the previous tenant had supplied for his term. I am now caught in limbo being passed between Spark and Eon, each claiming it is the other who have to sort it. Incidentally I had also arranged a switch to GnEnergy but have since contacted them and they have been very helpful in putting my switch on hold until I contact them again. Any advice where to go from here? I feel there is a massive mess brewing regarding the previous tenant/his meter serial/readings/billing. Thankfully the inventory issued by the agency at the start of my tenancy has detailed both meters with the correct serials, readings and even photographs so hopefully none of this falls back on me, but I'd like to have my facts and rights straight incase I end up having to argue my case. Thanks for reading, POTR
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