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  1. Hi All, I'm renting a property short term for 6-7 months and have electric supplied by Scottish Power. Initially the Direct Debit amount was set to £50, which quickly became apparently as being massively over-estimated. I generally only use around 3kWh per day, so the actual bill is next to nothing, and in 3 months I have now accumulated £70 in credit. I managed to reduce my direct debit via my online account, which was a struggle in itself. If I reduced it by more than £4 at once, it demanded an upfront payment and estimated I would be £6000 in debt at my yearly review.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the replies, especially Malc. As an update, Spark have removed the electricity part of my account. I have opened an account with Scottish Power, with the correct serial number, address and readings. They have said they will get the national database updated.
  3. I have contacted the two e-mails above to see if I get any feedback. I have spoken to Spark who have raised an ET and cancelled the electricity part of my bill. They say Eon will then be responsible for the billing of any period in-between the ET between Feb 2015-September 2015. But I assume by this they mean Eon is actually supplying the meter serial which isn't mine? That's why the confusion in my head arises. For example. I live in Number 1, with Meter Serial A in my flat. Spark think I live in Number 1 but with Meter Serial B in my flat. They say they ETed the supply from Eon
  4. Hi fkofilee, Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'll send an e-mail and see what they come back with. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'd appreciate any advice on the below as I already fear it is going to turn into a messy debacle. I recently took up tenancy in a property on 17th September. I was informed by the letting agency that the energy account with Spark was transferred into my name (and I was welcome to change it) for dual supply. Yesterday, I received my first bill for 17th September - 1st October period from Spark energy. The gas meter serial number is correct and the readings are in agreement with the actuals. That's no issue. The Electric meter serial number in the bill is completely
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