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  1. Hi sorry for all my confusion in this case, I am trying to get my head round all this and what I do next I think is write back to GE Money stating the new facts. GE Money did state in their letter if anything different to write again if not the case was closed. I will write again to them. Thanks again for your help
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, but I don't think we can go to the Ombusman because this was taken out 2002 so it's not in the time scale.
  3. Hi thanks for reply. When I was discussing this PPI with my husband he explained to me that I had got some facts wrong. When the salesman from the Kitchen Company applied for Finnance while he was at the flat, apparently we got turned down. So we thought that was the end of it. About a week later the offer of Finnance came in the Post from First Direct now GE Money. The Underwriters were Cardiff Pinnacle. We did not no where thye got the information from regarding us wanting Finance. The Finnance was in my husbands name only and he was just asked
  4. Hi thank you for your reply, I had a look at the thread you suggested but I am at a loss now wether I should write to Cardiff Pinnacle the same letter I sent to GE MONEY. Any help would be welcome.
  5. Hii thank you for your reply. Do you know if I should contact Cardiff Pinnacle then. Any help appreciated.
  6. Hi can anyone help We bought a kitchen, Company Living Design (Home Imp Ltd) who have ceased trading. This was done through Finance and we were told NO PPI No Finance and that was it. The loan was originally by First National who was taken over in 2003 by GE Money Lending, Insurance Policy Underwriter Cardiff Pinnacle. I wrote to GE Money only to get back what seems one of there standard letters saying they neither sold the PPI OR was they present, they cannot investigate. As they stated this was their final response. The PPI was in my husbands name only and he was sti
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