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  1. Thank you. We have put in for the mis sold PPI Fingers crossed. So are my calculations correct. 28000 loan 6857.20 PPI premium current loan balance is app 16,405 for 60 months remaining term We had the 6857.20 refund from First plus on the 5 yr anniversary. So our balance should be 16,405 - 120 x 64.23 (7707.6) and 8% per year on the 120x64.23 (3355) Giving 16,405 -7707.6 -3355 =5342.4 balance and the monthly repayments should now be as if it were a 5yr loan of 5342.4? Many thanks Bernarde
  2. Hi all. My wife and I took out a 15 year secured loan with First Plus in November 2005 for 15 years. I was advised that we would not be likely to be accepted for the loan if we did not have the PPI and I had no idea that the PPI only covered 5 years. We took the PPI refund that was on offer after 5 years but would like to make a mis selling claim. First Plus have a complaints procedure on their website, via email, phone or in writing. Should I simply email them? If successful, how does the fact that we took the 5yr PPI refund amount factor in to the claim? lo
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