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  1. I'm not taking a solicitor to court. I'm simply going to do as advised because i can't pay the £300 in full. I will get a chance to give details of the incident and i've spoken to three solicitors over the phone who say while highly unlikely courts do have discretion as to which penalty to impose. They have no discretion but to revoke license if they give the 6 points. I'm not taking a solicitor because i cannot get legal aid for motoring offences. Its all beside the point because I don't have £300 to pay the fixed penalty offer. Thanks for the help guys will let you know what happens.
  2. I have been told that there is a chance of discretion by the court and to be honest i have nothing to lose. I cannot pay £300 in full. I have asked and there is no way they will accept part payments. If i am to lose my license then at least i can pay bit by bit. There's nothing i can do about that. I will at least get to have my say. I do know for sure after a free 15 min call with a solicitor that courts do have discretion and are not bound to give 6 points. Yes they probably will as that is the set amount but it is not mandatory for a court to give. I won't be turning up at court and have be
  3. Just checked online and i have 0 penalty points and no revocation. I havent been given a fixed penalty, just the offer of one. So as of today i have no points at all as the case hasn't happened yet.
  4. hi mikey. I can't have my license revoked until i have either accepted the fixed penalty notice within 28 days or been to court. I've done neither so have not been convicted of any offence as of yet. I'm not accepting the fixed penalty offer. It was just an offer for me to accept or to not answer and it would be forwarded for a court date. My license hasn't been revoked yet as i have no points at the moment
  5. I'm a bit confused. Don't you have that the wrong way around. Its been posted before and i've seen it on official sites too: "Whilst revocation is automatic if you reach 6 points, if you can prevent points being endorsed, you can avoid revocation. Consequently, for some offences it may be more practical to obtain a short period of disqualification by way of a punishment instead of penalty points. Although to achieve this, you will have to attend Court, if you can convince the Court to impose a punishment that avoids penalty points, you
  6. Thank you crappoman. That gives me some hope no matter how small. That's how i read it online.
  7. Thank you for replying and helping, everyone. It's not about definitely not wanting to take the offer of fixed penalty its that i can't. I did however think from all the reading i've done that the 6 points, although usual for the offence, is still discretionary by the court. Am i wrong in that? Surely the court have to give the 6 points as a punishment for DVLA to be able to act on that. DVLA don't have the legal power to award 6 points themselves. Thank you for the doctors note idea. I will do that.
  8. Thank you mikey. Am scared stiff but i have to at least try. I hope i get the chance to explain what happened in court. It happened and i will accept the punishment but just need to be able to speak at least.
  9. Hi mikey ty for the help. I'm not answering the offer of a fixed penalty of 6 points and a 300 fine. I don't have to answer that unless i accept it. I have 28 days to respond and if i don't it will be passed along for a court date. Thats what I'm doing. I don't have to pay the fixed penalty fine unless i accept it which i don't. I'm not sure what directions to which court you are referring to. Its not the one where i live in Devon. Mines in a street called St Andrews and nowhere near a police station. Also i'm not selling any cars to pay a fine and have no say in whether my son sells his c
  10. Sorry i'm a woman lol just read some of the posts and thought i'd put where i'm coming from answering some of the points but obviously am coming from a perspective of total ignorance of the law in this regard other than what i've read. I'm a 54 yr old woman. I took over driving my 20 year old sons car one evening when he was looking for spots to photograph for a course but began to feel unwell due to a headcold he had which made him feel a bit dizzy. He had a fully comp policy to drive his polo and i had a fully comp policy to drive my own car. I've had my license since april 2014. I wa
  11. I've checked the policy and the only reference anywhere on it to this is one sentence that says 'The driving of other cars extension is not included for any driver named on the policy.' its not mentioned anywhere else. I called and they said i am not covered. I looked online and it seems Admiral don't cover people to drive other cars. At least most i've looked at said they don't.
  12. I've contacted them and they have confirmed i was not covered to drive other cars Took me 54 years to finally get a license. 30 minutes to lose it My own fault i'm just really upset about it. I'll go to court plead guilty and tell them all circumstances and hope for the best. I have to because i need to pay bit by bit either way. Thanks very for the huge amount of help. Very grateful. Wish me luck
  13. I'm really confused. The fixed penalty notice address is the conditional offer unit in southend. It also says on the form " Payments by instalments will NOT be accepted under any circumstances. I have no choice but to go to court. I'll get a solicitor and let him argue for me and try to avoid the points if possible. If not at least i can pay bit by bit. I simply don't have £300. I'm really confused now so best to speak with a solicitor although no idea what that cost will be. The above post says courts do have discretion on whether or not to give points. They just can't stop the revocation o
  14. It says on the enforcement notice that you cannot pay instalments. It's pretty clear pay the fine in one go or not at all. Re the ban. I'm confused re that when most get 6 points and a £300 fine even when they deliberately drove with no insurance on the car at all. Are you now saying the 6 points and a fine are not likely and that a 12 month ban for a first offence when i did not knowingly drive with no insurance is likely? I'd better find a solicitor quick then and get some advice because thats the first time anywhere i've heard i'm likely to get a 12 month ban. I'm not going to plead not gui
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