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  1. Thank you so much Andy and all the others who have chipped in...it's a great relief...donation on the way. frogage
  2. A quick update just had a letter from Cabots stating they are unable to get the information from the O/C within the time period, they say they will continue to request the information and in the meantime put the account on hold and come back to me if/when it is obtained. ?????? Should I respond and point out their solicitors have my SB defence and have failed to respond within the requisite 28 days, or just do nothing Hi Andy sorry bit of a novice at this, okay so I need do nothing at all? Thanks
  3. Hi All well nothing from Cabots re: the CCA request despite them saying believed they would have the information available in 40 days, they've now had 46 days to respond. I filed my defence to the summons from Restons on the 2nd of November, so their 28 days to respond is now 'up'. I have asked the court how I have the matter 'struck' out, they have emailed me some forms, after reading through them it seems I will have to pay £50 to have this 'struck out' do I need to do that or should I just leave the matter. Once again any advice would be grea
  4. Thanks Dx thought about it and not going to respond.. .if Restons had proof a payment had been made in the last six years...all they would need to do would be to submit their defence and ask for a hearing date.. .just checked the court web site.. .and Restons have not responded.. .so doing nothing for now apart from check bank statements ...how do they continue to get away with these fairy tales...
  5. Thanks Dx...I was thinking along those lines...if they can prove it then will l have to deal with it...if not...they can fudge off...and I thought the word 'MAY' was very telling...
  6. Thanks O/C will do that, just a straight forward letter requesting that information, do I need to qualify it by not acknowledging the debt and do I need to do anything with Cabots who have still not provided the CCA despite having had the matter since the 13th of October.
  7. Hi All posted a reply that hasn't appeared, so will post again, apologies if this get duplicated!! So far no response from Cabot Finance re; CCA agreement etc, however received a letter from Restons this morning advising me that I had not presented any evidence that this matter was statute barred and should have provided proof my last payment was made over six years ago; they also say they have information from their client ( I presume their client is Cabot?) that my last payment was made in September 2012, I am reasonably certain this is wrong and will be ch
  8. Thanks andyorch...fingers crossed...will let you know...
  9. Hi Dx just spoken to the court, my defence was filed on the 2nd of November, since Restons letter was dated the 3rd of November the any request for judgement by default would be refused. So I wait for the next instalment, thank you so much for your help, would have been lost without the advice and guidance given from CAG members.
  10. Hi Dx the SB defence was filed on Monday the 2nd of November, I have had a letter from the court acknowledging service, stating if there is no response from Restons within 28 days they will strike the matter out. The court state a copy of my defence has been served on restons and if we cannot settle this matter then the claimant must indicate whether ot not they wish to proceed. Interestingly I have received a letter from Restons dated the 3rd November (day after defence served) stating since there has been no response to this matter they are applying to the court to ob
  11. Hi spoke to Lloyds they have no details and referred me to their debt recovery team; phoned the debt recovery team which turned be some anonymous call centre in India. I am reasonably certain this debt is well over six years old...and I have not made payments on it...so I am thinking of submitting the SB defence...and as Dx says for them to prove its not statue barred... Thanks
  12. Hi Dx no I haven't done that yet...difficulty getting information fro Lloyds...will try again...if can't get it...shall I file the SB defence without input from Lloyds? Thanks
  13. Thanks Andy should I write to them and make those points?...or just leave it...would like to make those point to them... Thanks
  14. Hi Andy since I am new to this arena I have no idea; in addition I now have a response from Restons, they have sent back my original letter saying they will not acknowledge a CPR:3114 from me since the letter is unsigned and have stated any further unsigned letters will not be acknowledged or replied to.. .I am furious since that letter was sent via special delivery which cost me £6.45...what a liberty.
  15. Hi All received a reply from Cabots this morning dated the 15th October (received on the 22nd) stating they do not have the credit agreement and will contact the original creditor to obtain it. They say they are confident they will be able to supply a copy of the credit agreement and supply a statement of account within the next forty days before the debt becomes unenforceable; just wondering what my response should be or do I just wait. No response from 'Rectums' yet. Any further advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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