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  1. Bazooka Boo. Thanks for all your advice and if I don't hear from you before --- Happy Christmas !!! Regards
  2. A RESULT !! Lowlife played it by the book -- -- after 8 weeks a letter came saying they were "continuing with their investigation" . Included was a leaflet from the Ombudsman and a sentence in the letter read something like " we hope you won't go down that route" . Really !! Within 24 hours an official complaint was logged with the Ombudsman supported by proof of who my partner was and how long we have lived and worked where we are. The Ombudsman passed this on to Lowlife with a demand that the case against my partner be closed and compensation paid to her. They w
  3. Hello again ----and it goes on !! Not wishing to give anything away to the Lowlife who are doing "everything by the book" but instead of us being on the defensive we are now on the offensive. More will follow after we hear from the "authority" who have now taken on the case....... Happy summer all . Regards
  4. Letter winging it's way to Lowell. Watch this space .............!! Regards
  5. Yes it is free for 30 days !! Just need to remind her to cancel ! See my edit on my above post for a bit more info ... Thanks Regards
  6. Many thanks for all the replies.------ current situation is this ... She had to register with Experion which costs . Her credit rating is shown as 99.999% and a phone call to Experion has shown no link to the address in question. Experion claim they will inform Lowell ---- right now she is trying to speak to a live person at the ICO . Will keep you up to date .... Thanks again .---- maybe this time I'll be able to wish you all a good summer !! Regards Edit : ICO have advised (as you have ) to write to Lowell requesting removal of her name and if they don't to inform the
  7. The linked address isn't on her file according to Noddle - -- Lowell have a person with the same name and same date of birth and have linked that name to our address and the letter she received included "Your Annual Statement" showing how much was owed. The letter states " As you have failed to make payment, our next step is to review your account for referral to one of our approved debt collection agencies" It aint her debt ..... Thanks for the advice --- bed time Regards
  8. No CCJ ---- she has never lived at the address they have ---over 250 miles from where we are. We have lived at our address for 34 years. Checked her credit score tonight and there is nothing bad on there . They just want her to pay the bill for some other person ....... So NEVER listen to a person who said they would remove your name from their records as in 6 months ago . Sorry guys --- not a DCA but a "credit report agency" something like Experion to see if her name is associated with the address they have . A free checker, Noddle, said it was not ----- I am won
  9. Well let's start by saying I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Today ,6 months after my partner received a letter from Lowell, another arrived in the post still claiming she owes £xxx . A phone call to them and the guy said she needs to contact a debt collection agency to sort it - --- the debt collection agency said the guy was wrong and referred back to Lowell. A different person at Lowell has given her the phone number of someone different to contact ---- that's tomorrow's task . What a pain in the rear end ---- - we had been having a brilliant da
  10. Many thanks Bazooka Boo...... Have a good Christmas and New Year ---- if we don't speak before !! Regards
  11. Not wishing to tempt fate but nothing further has been received from Lowell Portfolio1. If anyone from the company is reading this then --"thank you --- you 100% had the wrong person". In this case the phone call seemed to do the trick --- I hope. Many thanks for all those who gave advice and helped.. Regards
  12. quill 1959. I am perfectly happy to have your post attached to this thread as it is exactly the same as mine. I have looked at that template which makes interesting reading . My partner is not freaked out at all by these letters as she isn't responsible for the debt --- it's just a pain in the rear. !! Oh, if anyone from Lowell Portfolio1 is reading this ............................ Regards
  13. Bazooka Boo. I tend to agree with you ......will keep you posted. Thanks. Regards
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