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  1. Just had a call from Estate agents. They are refunding £1100 but retaining £265 for admin costs and survey. Ill take that for now but still speaking wth Trading Standards tomorrow. I may start quoting my costs of moving address twice and paying for removals, taking the day off work and their incompetence!!!Thanks for your help, much appreciated
  2. And the landlord is not willing to negotiate directly. To be honest, my daughter cannot afford the rent and bills on this property as she was given duff information and would not have been able to afford this property had she been given the correct information from the start.It was only due to the incorrect information being given by the LA that she went to view the property.Regards and thanks for the replies. I'll update when I know more.
  3. Thanks for the speedy reply,I understand its the daughter that needs to claim money back and I have an appointment with trading standards tomorrow.Sounds like definate misrepresentation of the property but just hoping that they return the money soon as my daughter is currently sleeping on our sofa!!RegardsMartin
  4. Hi all, Looking for a little help. My daughter recently found a suitable property to rent so signed up with the estate agents and decided t rent the flat, which was sold to her as £450 including water and electric (I was present when she was told this) they took a deposit of £200 plus the signing on fee and she was told that there would be an initial £100 charge towards electric and water which she would get back when she informed them of who the gas supplier would be and confirmed she had informed the council regarding her council tax. Her moving date got moved forwards by 2 weeks and
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