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  1. Looking for some advice please.... We are in arrears with this years council tax, we set up a payment plan with the council but due to circumstances with work we didn't stick to the agreement, we knew it would go to court and be passed to an enforcement agency..... We have had dealings with the same issue over the last few years.... On the 12th sept we received a letter from jbw advising that the amount of £1140 was now payable to them, the same day we received an attachment of earnings order from the council for unpaid council tax arrears, we assumed this was for the amount advised by jbw and never completely read the order. My husband contacted the council to advise he had changed employer and gave new details, he questioned the letter from jbw to be told that the team who deal with it all will get it sorted..... After receiving another letter from jbw advising they were taking it to enforcement stage I rechecked the attachment order which i have realised is on,y for £53, possibly for a previous years council tax. So now we are unsure of what to do next, my husband will ring the council tomorrow to try and organise a payment plan directly for weekly payments until 31st March then the account will be clear, I have a feeling they won't agree and will advise to speak to jbw, checked online with jbw they want £290 upfront then payments of £88, we don't have the initial payment so at a loss of what we can do.... Any advice on dealing with this would be great, we have had bad dealings with previous bailiffs being threatening so very reluctant to deal with these.... We will not let them into our home and will keep our property secure..... I have a car on hp with another 4yrs of payments left, can they levy on this or not? My name isn't on the bill just my husbands.
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