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  1. IT'S A PCN BUT THEY MAKE IT NEAR ON IMPOSSIBLE TO SPEAK WITH ANYONE THAT KNOWS WHAT THERE AT......(peanuts & monkeys) I always put everything in writing, so might get a reply if I'm lucky in another 8 days!
  2. 'Can't pay will take it away' ha,ha big fat ninja bailiffs that'll be funny.....they really do think they're something they're not (jokers)! Knock my door whilst the cameras are rolling, I'll give you a show!
  3. I think your 'it's only your daughter that can deal with it' could be misinterpreted......as a legal representation with the authority of the person who the debt may or may not relate to can take on the case on his/her/there behalf.
  4. Minds at rest......not an online lawyer. Might, well sound confrontational but it's likely now I'll instruct the services of a good local lawyer, to look at the case and take forward from there (as I've said it's complex). It would be nice to think/presume the court would be helpful, but in my limited experience with HMCTS and the Oxford courts they're Neanderthal in there approach! I respect everyone has a job to do in all capacities, but these bunch of clowns called MARSTON are bullies, who it appears only like dealing with young and women. Makes my blood boil. #timetofightback. Thanks to th
  5. We've already on paper, via e mail and phone called offered a payment plan? REFUSED! Which was not a joke offer, it was for £20 per month until we could establish what the situation is......a gesture of good will payment plan! I've contacted a private criminal law lawyer this morning, we'll see where that takes us. It's slightly more complex due to the outcom of previous encounters with MARSTON at my doorstep and surrounding my property.
  6. It also, as we've established relates originally to a PCN, since when has a PCN become a criminal matter?!?!
  7. surely (although not favourable) if they arrest her, do these bully boys have the power to employ this tactic?? But hower once arrested or surrender to the nearest police station, this would fast track to court where you'd have a hearing?? Something as yet she's not had?? Very strange BJS?? I'll take my chances and sit in wait in her house for Mr L to return, with his special forces ear piece and BWC (lol).......
  8. Update: Yesterday my daughter received another letter from MARSTON highlighting that they hold a 'live no bail arrest warrant' for non payments of fines of £650 well that's good news it's gone down by a fiver! The letter carries on to say please contact Mr John McLemen (who incidentally does not want to speak to me face to face). We are still waiting for answers and requested forms and information from the very clever people at HMCTS yes that'll be Sarah Horlock and Co. I've tried without success to upload various letters etc...... But if anyone could help with anymore advice to which way to p
  9. Believe me UB she's tried, I've tried, I reckon I'd have more luck pulling off the 2nd Thomas Blood 'Crown Jewls Robbery' We are at our wits end and feel the only option is to pay and argue later! If the debt was in my name (I would not pay) but unfortunately my daughter has been scare mongered into feeling she should for the fear of prosecution! Ally and dark springs to mind MARSTON bulliies......thought they might have learnt there lesson once (so called)!!
  10. As again, I understand it, my daughter may or may not? naively suggested setting up a payment plan with HMCTS (as a goodwill gesture for fear of persecution) apparently £20 per month would not be excepted!
  11. Surely the debtor can only inform the courts if they are aware of the debt or fines that they are attempting to be in forced i.e my daughter hasn't lived at my address for over 3 years and with a police man present under duress I proved this to be the case? Since MARSTON and HMCTS f&@ked up and were chasing me for the debt on my vehicle and at my address, after the serious threat of legal action it went very quiet.......6 months later they've reared there ugly heads.......round 2 ding,ding! How can she appeal, take back to court or indeed establish if for a parking offence (that was in par
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