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  1. Hi Karnevil It was a flat that I bought on l lease hold property. It was repo'd & they are saying I owe £18277.41. I have just been told if over 12 years then they can't do anything. I need to write to get more info but unsurr as to what to write so as not to admit liability any thoughts Kath
  2. Hi All Have got a letter from a sols about a property I had about 11 years ago. They are demanding money which I dont have I have not admitted any liability to them. I got into a lot of bother money wise & gave the keys back. I thought they only had so long in which to claim the money please help I need some advice. Kath
  3. Hi All I had to do the Subject Access Request first got my 6 years worth of statements that took longer than the settlement hope that helps petrafyde. Miz If you go to the welcome forum and where kerriegeorge said you will find the templates for all the letters you will need. I went into my branch to ask for my statements had to pay the DPA fee & you go from there. Bookworm I am aware that the site relies on donations & have filled the survey as you said & trust me I will be making a donation after all couldn't have done it with out the help from you all I am about to send an
  4. I won!!!! My God can't belive it I collected the post this morning & had a letter from Natwest. They have offered to pay me in full. WOW I only sent the letter on the 15th of Jan. Thank you all so much I couldnt have done it with out you all on this site I am telling everyone I know to do it. so Chuffed I can now Take my kids on a well earned holiday. Im recovering from breast cancer so need this thank you all from the bottom of my heart & keep up the good work. kath xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Will be sending mine. I have no faith in FO I have dealt with them before for another case a critical illness claim they were unable to help absolute rubbish. kath xx
  6. Hi I did a dpa I went into the branch & did it. First they only sent me the 1st 3 years then 2 lots of the first 3 years then just the 4th year then finally I got all the past 6 years that i asked for. They told me intially that they were going to take the £10 out of my account but advised as I have had so much trouble that they wouldn't charge me. (big of em eh!) anyway I will keep you all informed I will most likely post on with all the other natwesties see ya kath xxxxxx
  7. Hi Guys First off what a great site just to let you know I have asked for my bank charges back after asking for my last 6 years statements about 5 times. I'm with natwest so I'm at the first 7 days & starting to look at the next stage. Loved the story on the newsletter about the chap sending the baylifs in brilliant I love it. Anyway will let you know how I get on thank you for your help and advice on the site kathxxx:razz:
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