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  1. Thanks for the reply, What should I say in the letter? Should I include things like a copy of the original invoice for the work done as im pretty sure it mentions Re-Tap and fit new plug. What about asking the dealship for a letter/report stating that the wrong plug has been fitted? And including it in the letter? I have no idea why they felt the need to re-tap, i was never given a reason. Kind Regards,
  2. Hi, Last year i put my car (Vauxhall Corsa 08 plate) in for its service to a local family run garage (Garage A) that we have used for years. It was found that i had a slight oil leak coming from the sump plug, i was advised that they would re-tap and fit a new sump plug. Having moved away from the area i have today put my car into a Vauxhall Dealership (Garage B) for its service. I have been advised that i have a large leak from the sump plug caused by Garage A fitting the wrong sump plug, causing irreversable damage to the sump and a new sump, at a cost of £367 is required. Garage B is also saying they are unwilling to let me take the car away, so i am unable to take it back to Garage A for them to have a look at and fix it themselves. What are my options? Can i go to Garage A and ask if they would be willing as a goodwill gesture refund some of the cost I haven't yet spoken to Garage A about this as i do not know where i stand and dont want to go making claims without getting some advise beforehand. Kind Regards,
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