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  1. I'm not sure how far the FOS will be willing to go on this one. However, I'll give it a try anyway. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I've checked and it appears that they are registered by the FCA and have been 'granted interim permission to run consumer credit business'. Their correspondence is bothering me, so should I now proceed with the next step of reporting them?
  3. Yes I do have their UK office address. They are representing a client in the Middle East who I have never ever dealt with before. Their client has apparently taken on a case for another company in a different Middle Eastern country.
  4. Hi again UncleBulgaria, Despite sending the debt collector agency a letter stating that the alleged debt from the Middle East is statute barred, and that any further correspondence from them will be considered as harassment, they have insisted on sending me another letter warning me of the possibility of legal action taken against me in the UK should their client decide to transfer the case to a UK court. They have warned that this will affect my credit rating for 6 years if the judgement were to go against me. They have not acknowledged my initial letter which I sent by recorded ma
  5. Hi Uncle Bulgaria, Is there a specific template one could use to highlight the two points you raised? The point about the matter now being under the English statute of limitations and that the FCA does not allow communications through a third party. I recently received a letter out of the blue by one of these crafty DCAs acting on behalf of a foreign bank regarding a debt well over 6 years ago. They're obviously hoping that I know nothing about the 6-year rule, so a well drafted letter would help in dealing with these underground criminals:-) Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi there, I'm in a similar situation. Are you definitely sure regarding your last point? If so, this is very informative. Thanks and kind regards.
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