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  1. Thank you all for your replies, it really means a lot I probably have got depression, but seeing the doctor scares me for some reason because I don't want her thinking I'm just being daft or her thinking I'm crazy. But the day I went to Seetec I would of gone straight to my doctors if they had been near because I did feel like I was losing it. I do know I cant go back there or the jobcentre. I can't see them or speak to them again, even thinking about them is making my stomach turn. I just want to be left alone without having to worry or think about things. Don
  2. I can't sleep with everything going around my head... I feel like I'm going crazy... so I thought I'd write it down here to see what other people thought. I recently lost a family member to cancer, such a horrible illness that took the life of a beautiful innocent child. For years we were going back and to, to the children's hospital, seeing them go through surgeries, chemo and radiotherapy for it to just come back and then start attacking other parts of their body. Then to see them die, just like that. Its taking me a long time to write this as I just keep crying and can'
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