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  1. My phone is not even a smartphone it was one pound and can only text and call lol. Thanks though. Might be able to borrow someones phone, if the process isnt too long and complicated ? the difficulty is that i dont have the card number so how could I look it up (and its not registerd). Does that mean I should pay the penalty fare, despite touching in ? is that what a judge would say ? (genuine questions)
  2. Hi everyone I got issued a penalty fare on a bus even though I touched in with my oyster card, because the oyster card is very old and does not always work so the ticket inspectors couldn't read it on their things. However I definitely remember it responded when I touched in on the bus (the green light and the beep, etc), it just didnt work when the inspecters tried to read it. I appealed on the website and they asked me to send them the card number and a 'details/usage statement'. Problem is its such an old battered card that its impossible to read the card number. I don't know how to get a usage statement, or if thats even possible without the card number? The card works very occasionally albeit less and less frequently, so IF I did manage to get it to respond on a machine would there be a way of finding the number? Also surely TFL will have a record on the data from the bus that day? The CCTV would show me touching in, if it still exists (the incident was at the end of August). I'm not sure what to do so please give some advice Thanks
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