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  1. Thanks for all your help Slick! I'm 99% certain I went down on the 25th of April to cancel it.
  2. Thanks for your replies! Slick, it was xercise4less but I haven't got a copy of when I cancelled - stupid I know. I think it was the 25th of April but I don't have any proof.
  3. To start my story: Started 12 month gym membership Jan 2012. Ended: April 2015. CRS letter to parents address: Sept 2015. I personally went into the gym in April 2015 to sign to say that I was cancelling my gym membership, they said one more payment will be made - these payments were taken out of my bank account and then I stopped my DD at the end of May 2015. I have called the gym, who said that their records show that I stopped my membership in July 2015 - as soon as I mentioned Harlands they hung up. Harlands have said they have been repeatedly trying to contact me via letters - I have moved address but CRS have contacted my parents. They suggest I owe £25, but because CRS are now involved they are charging an exta £102. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
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