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  1. Thank that clears up quite a bit, I don't plan to go into a job that requires an advance eDBS check such as teaching. From what went down it was defiantly my fault i was being careless, The machine was spitting my coins out so decided not to get a ticket (stupid reason i know), not thinking about the ticket office as i always use the machines. I got caught at a change over station. The ticket officer took my details and in the documents there is a written statement, It explains that I had money in change and that i explained that the machines where rejecting my change, its turns out
  2. Hi all, today i received a court summons and would greatly appreciate some advice/help from some one with similar experience or knowledge. I am 19, i was 18 at the time. I have just received a magistrates summon, stating that i was questioned at Guildford and failed to show a valid ticket. in the statement written by the ticket officer its references that i had appropriate change, (so intent to pay) and that my reasoning was due to the ticket machine not taking my change. I received several documents but am a bit lost on what is my best option, I personally think that pleading gui
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