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  1. Thank that clears up quite a bit, I don't plan to go into a job that requires an advance eDBS check such as teaching. From what went down it was defiantly my fault i was being careless, The machine was spitting my coins out so decided not to get a ticket (stupid reason i know), not thinking about the ticket office as i always use the machines. I got caught at a change over station. The ticket officer took my details and in the documents there is a written statement, It explains that I had money in change and that i explained that the machines where rejecting my change, its turns out one of them was faulty. However i still think that its best just to plead guilty as there was a open ticket office. I'm happy to pay a fine to just get this over with, and write a plea of guilt letter apologizing. Because its a bye law its defiantly wont be a permanent record?, this is the main thing i am concerned with. Just to clarify on the first page is says "Having contravened Bye Law No.18(1)"
  2. Yeah its South West trains, new to forum thanks.
  3. Hi all, today i received a court summons and would greatly appreciate some advice/help from some one with similar experience or knowledge. I am 19, i was 18 at the time. I have just received a magistrates summon, stating that i was questioned at Guildford and failed to show a valid ticket. in the statement written by the ticket officer its references that i had appropriate change, (so intent to pay) and that my reasoning was due to the ticket machine not taking my change. I received several documents but am a bit lost on what is my best option, I personally think that pleading guilty would be the best options. However i am unsure if being present at court would benefit me? Or whether i should sign guilty and provide a cover letter? I'm also would like to know what kind of result this will have eg criminal record, as well as general thoughts on the matter. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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