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  1. Hi Conniff, Thank you for your comments In answer to your questions it was a voluntary liquidation, Our accounts are up to date but as a newish company we did not get to our first audit. These clauses seem to go against the spirit of the agreement. One thing I research is that these contracts have to be personally negotiated and this one was clearly not. Also when I research The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 there seems to be some argument there if I am classed as a consumer. As offering a PG to the business is in a personal capacity not as a Director.
  2. Hi As far as I am aware there is no charge on my property. It state's' they have the right to proceed against the signatory personally' I guess that means eventually a charge will be put on the property. Very interested in your thoughts and thank you so far. Regards Ian
  3. Hi and what a wonderful site this is. Put my faith back in people. I have attached a blanked out Trade Credit Application which is titled 'Application For Trade Credit And Guarantee Form'. My secretary filled this in and I signed it. I thought it was a trade credit and Guarantee for goods supplied NOT a Personal Guarantee application. I notice on the last page (3) it details Personal Guarantee. So it looks a little ambiguous to me, but I did sign it and do not dispute the debt. My company is in liquidation and the creditors informed, which is why I have got this presumably.
  4. Ho the oldrouge My business is an LLP and I am sure that was stated at the onset of the application. Thank you for your help and suggestion to date. Ian
  5. Dear theoldrouge Did you see the second upload with all personal detail taken out? In answer to your questions 1. When I signed the agreement I traded fro home so my home address and trading address were the same. 2.I signed the agreement assuming I was signing for the hirer, namely my company which was on the agreement. Thanks for your help Ian
  6. Dear the old rouge Second upload as I left some details in I shouldnt. Hope this one is OK As you can see the Hirer is my company not me. They say there is no LLP status and therefore it is personal. Thank you for your help Ian
  7. Ooops Thought I had Thank you will do another upload..... Ian
  8. Dear the oldrouge Thank you for your response and as requested here is the agreement I look forward to your thoughts. Home Solar Saver Co LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership yet they say because LLP does not appear on the document it is personal. I am sure when completing the application I would have stated the legal status of the business. Secondly If it was personal then my name would be the 'hirer' Thank you so much for your help here. regards Ian[ATTACH=CONFIG]59800[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]59800[/ATTACH]
  9. Hi from a CAG virgin. I have a company in liquidation after our largest client went bankrupt owing us £150k and want to include a van in the liquidation. The hire agreement says the 'hirer' is my company and therefor as far as I was led to believe a company hire agreement. They (Leaseplan UK) say this is a personal Hire Agreement which is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Who could I send this to for confirmation. Local solicitors want £600 to read a 5 page document. There is about £7000 redemption on the vehicle or 2 years to pay £235/month. Love the site an
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