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  1. Thanks dx100uk , found a Preliminary Approach for Repayment in shelleys barclays thread , which has a link to the letter but the software reports " andyep, you do not have permission to access this page." heres the link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?605-Credit-Store-Card-Letter-Template , any ideas ? Thanks Andy.
  2. Got a couple of weeks off coming up shortly , so will be getting the ball rolling then , from other posts I have read the process seems to be 1.Preliminary Approach for Repayment (which I did over the phone ,should I also do this in writing ? ) received a standard rejection letter stating £12 fees were in the contract my wife entered into. 2. Letter before action . 3. Start a small claim. Also been trawling the library for ages and cant seem to find the template letters section , am I looking in the right place . Is the above the right course of action ?
  3. Really need to put time aside to deal with this , (12 hour days six days a week ,and a family and home to run doesnt help ) , from SD's reply we only have six months to refer it to the FOS , but as dx100uk points out we wont get anywhere with them. Does the six month time limit apply to a MCOL , if it doesn't would the "8% sec69 interest" apply up to the date of first point of contact from me to SD , or court date , Thanks Andy.
  4. Wow what a read ! Hope my issue with vodafone doesnt go down that road , I have just had a new pay monthly account declined from vodafone through a third party ,the third party said I should contact vodafone regarding the rejection . The basics of it are , I left vodafone roughly three months ago and ported both my numbers over too plusnet , I was definitely in credit with them as just before leaving they took the next months DD which was double the usual amount as they had removed the discounts applied to the account as my two years with them was up. Over the next tw
  5. Hi all , sorry for the long break in updating the situation , I ended up phoning shop direct with regards to the administration fees added to my wifes account recently got the attached reply , they say they see nothing wrong with the charges applied to her account. Are my options now to send them a letter before action requesting the administration charges and compound interest at 8% running until judgement ,or secondly as pointed out in their reply to refer it to the ombudsman. Thanks Andy. img022.pdf
  6. A Tomlin order is a court order in the English civil justice system under which a court action is stayed, on terms which have been agreed in advance between the parties and which are included in a schedule to the order. As such, it is a form of consent order. Google is your friend
  7. Ok cheers ,so safe to ignore for now unless anything more official arrives ,Thanks Andy.
  8. Thanks dx100uk ,never received an N56 , and nothing showing on noddle , and reading back through the thread(which I had forgot about) it seems when I checked trustonline back then nothing was showing ?
  9. Hi All , my wife received a letter today from Mortimer clarke solicitors stating there client obtained a judgement against her on the XX/XX/09 and that they were now instructed to apply to the county court for an attachment of earnings order. The original debt was a Yorkshire bank credit card that was taken out in 1995 , we ran into financial problems around 2008/9 and we ignored the debt and stopped paying the debt around the same time, the balance on the letter is showing just over £12k. We have received a few letters over the years but nothing from a Court and with noth
  10. They came out today , tested the walls, agreed there was damp and it was likely from the incorrectly applied cavity insulation, asked us to sign a no win no fee agreement and that they would attempt to get compensation to cover removal/repair of the insulation or a cash payment to us, I explained I would rather take a few days to read through ........ after reading through there seems to be all kinds of situations were I would be responsible for fees/insurance costs and their solicitors costs. Think we will give it a miss. Thanks Andy.
  11. Yep googled it and nothing , companies check has nothing , just been reading a bit more on it and found this https://cavityclaimgroup.com/2017/10/05/cavity-wall-crisis-lands-doorstep/ Company name on the flyer that was left is cavity wall survey ltd Thanks Andy.
  12. Hi all ,Someone knocked on the front door tonight offering a free survey for any damp walls after cavity wall insulation since we have had the walls insulated a few years ago damp has got a grip in both upstairs bedrooms , they seem to be offering a no win no fee service . Apparently the problem has been mentioned in the house of commons and could be the next PPI , anyone got any views , heres the link to the MP's comments. Thanks Andy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-39602540
  13. Thanks ericsbrother , if I am clear on this , if I drop the term compound from the letter I send them and refer to the interest as being their interest rate (which is currently 39.9%),this would be better. I understand your point that the court may not agree to me applying the creditor's interest to what I suggest they owe my wife. Thanks Andy.
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