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  1. I've just had through an email saying I've got a redress claim against WDA. I've used them in the past, a long time ago - and the details that are in the email are correct for me (or, at least for my old address). I'm wondering if this is legitimate and where its worth pursuing? Important information about your redress claim.pdf
  2. It's probably worth an upload - as from the wording you've written - it might actually be a letter before action...
  3. Thanks! What significance do operator pictures have? Just noticed, on page 1 of that document, the piece of white paper on the floor next to the car in the right hand image is the other parking ticket that was issued (the erdington one)
  4. Sorry! ECP is the parking Co. StayCity are who I paid for parking. I was just finding it interesting that ECP and EPS were using the same reference numbers in the address.
  5. Received "Final Reminder"s for these today. (04/12 and 10/12) - I actually received 2 for the 4th - one with the times for the ticket that was allegedly issued at Erdington YMCA (Which I've not had any correspondence about so far) and one issued 15 or so minutes later at the correct location. Both letters State "Birmingham Science Park, B7 4BB) - and the PCN Serial numbers on them are sequential - so, they're now "reminding" me about one ticket I've had no correspondence about. Final_Reminders_Redacted (3).pdf
  6. Weird that they're using the same number in the address field then. I wonder if there's some sort of GDPR issue there.
  7. StayCity have said it was issued in error - and have asked for a copy of the PCN so they can get it cancelled. I will apparently receive a notice this has been cancelled in the post - and in the meantime - have a copy of the invoice for that date now in my possession showing that I paid them for parking Interesting side note - on the letter, next to my name, there was a reference code (I presume) - that is the same as the reference from "Euro Parking Services" - are these lot the same companies?
  8. 1 Date of the infringements: 09/02/2019 2 Date on the NTK: 14/02/2019 3 Date received 16/02/2019 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Y 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Kind of - photos of reg 6 Have you appealed? N 7 Who is the parking company? Euro Car Parks 8. Where exactly The Arcadian - Birmingham, Arcadian MCSP, 41 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, B5 6NU Does it say which appeals body they operate under: Yes, BPA Stayed at the StayCity Arcadian for an event for my girlfriends birthda
  9. Given they've technically got tickets for all 3 accesses - would it be enough? Ok, one of them was erroneously/maliciously issued, but they have the tickets, would that not be enough? Or is it just because they've done multiple for the same date?
  10. The two tickets that were issued on the same day are as shown earlier in the thread - they issued me a ticket to a location I've never been to - then issued one to where my car actually was. It seems that the two accesses were for these tickets - the one legitimate ticket - and one that's obviously a fake. I'm disappointed that I've not had paperwork come through the post for that one yet though.
  11. See https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?490804-Euro-Parking-Services-NTK-No-ANPR(13-Viewing)-nbsp for that one
  12. This is a minimum, and not a maximum - if you can't park, you can't park. When you day you're not local to wolves - if you're less local than Birmingham - I might be enticed to go out and take some pics for you - fed up of these clowns.
  13. Have had a response from the DVLA - as attached. Seems they did request for them - but also made 2 requests for the same day? I presume one of those was the YMCA Erdington ticket - which someone must've actually reviewed for me to not have had a threatogram about.... Scan_20190205_100123 redacted.pdf
  14. You mean theoretically say I sold it, right? Not actually say that ? (I'm sure the court could put me to strict proof that I had?)
  15. Fired off an email to dvladatarequests AT dvla.gov.uk - let's see what I get back anyway
  16. Signage next to car can be found in my other thread for another at the same location https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?490804-Euro-Parking-Services-NTK-No-ANPR-quot-Ashted-Lock-Dartmouth-Middleway-Ashted-Lock-Way-Birmingham-B7-4AZ&p=5162333&viewfull=1#post5162333 Still the wrong location (lot down the road) listed, however, they've not sent one for the ticket they issued for a completely different location. From the letter, they've a number next to my name, which is the same as in other instances - so I'd be surprised if they have even contacted
  17. Received 2x NTK today. Both are for ones where there was a NTD attached to windscreen - although one wasn't reported on here (I have the original tickets if they're needed) Seems both of them were sent at the same time. Curious to see that they've mentioned a NTD on the front of the page, but also a Notice to Hirer (????) on the reverse. Sorry about the quality - files compressed so I could upload - let me know if you need the uncompressed versions and how best to share NTK-20181204-redacted-compressed.pdf NTK-20181210-redacted-compressed.pdf
  18. Done - will pop a stamp on and then... wait till Saturday when I'll be able to get to a post office for Proof of Postage
  19. I can respond to Gladstones when that comes through too though right? Really got some inspiration from ericsbrother for the insults for them
  20. LBA received today. Interesting that they've added more to the "charge". LBA_1 redacted (1).pdf
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