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  1. Definitely. It did feel like I was heading into unknown territory but it's great to know others have already been there - and won!
  2. The 07 is the intention to defend? Yes I went to the court and lodged that with the Clerk's office and paid the £90. That was in for the 25-9-15. 11-11-15 is the last day for making adjustments to Defences. 20-11-15 last day for intimating, together with your grounds, a note of any Preliminary pleas. 25-11-15 Options Hearing There was nothing on that form stating I wanted copies of all their paperwork though, I'm not sure where this comes from. I have written to Cabot but they have never replied. The loan itself was with Bank Of Scotland, taken out in May 2011 for £25,000. Payments were £546 per month which I paid until around August 2012. The loan was taken out in joint names by my wife and I but Cabot have only come after me for the debt which is a bit odd. I have previously dealt with DCAs regarding this debt. Albion Collections Ltd, Wescot Credit Services Ltd and Capquest all wrote to me but stopped after I did the three letters. I did receive a letter from BoS in May of 2013 telling me they had "transfered the account to Wescot". I haven't received anything else from them about any other DCA. Cabot have never written to me by the way. Ever. Thanks very much for your reply deimosboy. I have read through your thread and it is becoming clearer to me that Cabot do this regularly with no real possibility of a successful claim in court unless the Defender panics and admits it. That is pretty much what I very nearly did, they would have got some money through the trust deed. They are phishing and trying to bully and intimidate people into giving money they are not entitled to.
  3. Thanks for the replies folks. I'll get back to this first thing in the morning
  4. Hi all. I got into more than £50k of debt a few years ago and ended up in dire financial trouble. I read up on these debts using a site called ****** and used their three letters method to deal with the banks, credit card companies and DCAs. A couple of weeks ago I received a writ from my local Sheriff Court as seen in the photos: I'll be honest, I'm terrified now. I get limited legal cover through my work i spoke with a solicitor. He was decidedly unimpressed with the letters and advised me to do a trust deed. He says Cabot are a big company and will definitely have the assignment, they wouldn't have spent money on the legal costs to begin with if they didn't have them. He did help me with a skeletal defence for court: I have set a meeting for tomorrow to start to arrange the trust deed. My honest feeling is that Cabot have nothing, but I would be risking my house if i was wrong. And I have no real basis to believe they don't have what they need. I have never received any letters from Cabot before the writ. No notice of assignment or even a demand for payment. I have had other DCA's for this account but they stopped responding after the three letters. I immediately sent Cabot the three letters by recorded delivery but they have never responded. The last day for making adjustments to the writ or defences is 11th November. i have a bit of breathing space but I'm really worried. Any help will be much appreciated. Ps the letters are like this:
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