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  1. I am a bit nervous about it all - scared that I will be tied up into saying something which I don't mean. Is there a link to the blog about PWE - I cant seem to find it! The hearing is soon so im not sure if sending anything to the court will help matters now will it?
  2. Also, if the solicitors try to contact me before the hearing, should I respond?
  3. So just keep it simple to the Court and for the hearing - saying that the notice to keeper was sent after 14 days of the incident and therefore doesn't apply?Also, what are the parameters for the law to stick regarding chasing the driver rather than the keeper? Is it hard evidence? Do they have similar time constraints? I thought that they had to put the notice on the car at the time or rely on the keeper confirming who the driver was?Will check out the parking prankster, thanks all
  4. I have received the witness statement from the solicitor They state that I am not being pursued as the keeper of the vehicle but as the driver and that the timeframes in POFA 2012 do not apply .They have copied some comments from a similar website to this one saying that it confirms who I am for 2 reasons - 1 that the user name incorporates part of my name. 2 that the wording of the defence is the same as the one which was posted on this forum. in the forum post which they attach it says the words "I did park in the car park" and say that it is then clearly me who
  5. Many thanks ericsrbrother - so letter to the Court rejecting the mediation - do I need to send a copy to PWE? And then a letter to PWE (copy to the Court) reiterating the CPR point?
  6. Received a notice from the Court. They have encouraged me to go through the mediation service. It then says for the parties to settle via negotiation .It then gives details of prep for the hearing, which I am sure are quite standard. I haven't received a reply from my letter requesting for information under CPR 31.15 - should I write again?? Is there anything anyone can suggest to do? I would have thought that PWE would have given up rather than go to Court?
  7. Do I need to make it clear that I want a hearing? At the end of their form they printed in big letter - REQUEST FOR A SPECIAL DIRECTION - The matter will be considered in paperwork without a hearing.... Should I do something similar?
  8. Sorry for posting the template. Sorry ericsbrother I am still confused on how to word it? Sorry if I am being thick! Also received some correspondence today: 1st letter: from Gladstones saying that they have notified the court of our client's intention to proceed the claim. Enclosed with the letter is PWE completed Directions Questionnaire. They say that they request a special direction - that the case be dealt with on the papers and without the need for an oral hearing. This request is sought because the matter is in our client's opinion relatively straightforward. They al
  9. I am struggling with how to word the request for information under CPR 31.15. I have used the template provided on this website, but have come stuck at this point template removed please don't templates in the open forum - dx
  10. Thank you - does anyone else think I should add anything? Or just submit it as above with the changes?
  11. Draft reply to the County Court Business Centre via their online form: The 'parking charge notice to keeper' was received by the* registered keeper of the vehicle after the period of 14 days had* expired as per the regulations of the Protections of Freedom Act* 2012 Schedule 4 section 9 (5). Furthermore, I have requested that the Claimant provides me with* strict proof of any evidence of liability by me in this matter* under CPR 31.15. Is there anything I should be adding/taking away. I will also draft a letter to PWE asking for the strict proof of evidence.
  12. Good question - is it still best to go through the PoFA 2012 regulations for the basis of my appeal as mentioned above? I will draft my response on here before sending
  13. Many thanks for all your responses, I have requested for more time to reply. The original letter from PWE was titled "Parking Charge - Notice to Keeper". Which was received 27 days after the alleged incident. The reminder was titled "Parking Charge" The next letter from PWE was titled, in red, "Parking Charge - Remains unpaid" The next letter was from Gladstones (nearly 7 months after the previous letter) which details the claimant and the date of the parking charge notice. The claim form then received from the County Court Business Centre and under particula
  14. Just a quick query - if I appeal via the form I have received from the County Court Business Centre - what would be the next stage? A judgement? Or would PWE/Gladstones make a decision on how far they go? ericbrother - would you send that letter before the appeal to the Court? Or at the same time? I just dont want to lose a stupid case like this which could affect my credit rating (which is very good) for years to come.
  15. Thank you all for your comments. The original notice to keeper (it doesnt say penalty) was dated 27 days after the incident. The claim has been taken on by Gladstones solicitors. OK, will request for 28 days to respond and then send a draft response on here
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