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  1. Hi no, nothing I am afraid, there doesn't seem to be anyone willing to help, the ombudsman won't because they only started dealing with unregulated loans in 2013 and won't deal with anything prior to that, its just like banging your head against a brick wall. I have told Blemain the stress is making me ill, so they have now sent me a form to complete with my doctor - its just a joke, and they shouldn't be able to get away with it.
  2. we had a loan with blemain, which I will admit we didn't run well, however we got right through the 99 month term and paid as per the instructions and monthly agreed amount. However after the loan term ended I contacted them to make sure that we were clear and got told we still owed £14009 as far as I can see from the breakdown they have sent me this is charges for missed payments/letters/phone calls etc etc, but this is nearly 50% of the original amount we borrowed and just seems completely and utterly wrong, I got in touch with the ombudsman but because its an un
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