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  1. Thanks dx Even if rhe initial fee that put it into the unarranged OD was a non-sterling charge? Where can I read more about this, all I have found is the ICO guidlines. What can I do about this?
  2. UPDATE: I received all my bank statements for the period in question (2014). There are several parts that jump out at me: Jan 23rd - I withdrew some money from an ATM in the country that I was travelling in, some how they allowed me to take out an amount that was 23p over my arranged overdraft, they also added 2 separate payments for using the card abroad totalling £2.88 so total Unarranged Overdraft was £3.06. 27th Jan - 2 amounts went into my account to take it into credit. 7th Feb - I withdrew money that took me close to my Unarranged Overdraft, then 2 non-sterling fees wer
  3. Thanks, I will send the SAR recorded ASAP. I felt I should hold back as it may be received as inflammatory or provoking them and wanted to see the statements first. I have recorded many of the calls. The Customer Service agent never responds to my emails though. I have also notified the CRA's that the information is incorrect. One response so far telling me to contact the Lender and the info will remain. I can afford to repay the duplicated sum immediately but would prefer not to as it's a large amount, also I feel that I don't have their word the default/adverse marks wil
  4. Hello, Sorry if this is long winded, I will try to be as brief as I can. I am having issues with Halifax regarding an Ultimate Reward current account that I had. In January 2014 I moved to another country to live, work & travel. I kept the account open as I may have needed to use it, and I did not know how long I would be away. Also initially I did have some money left in it. I didn't inform the bank as I knew I would have no fixed address due to always being on the move. I know I should have informed them now. The account at some point went over it's £100 arr
  5. An update about this. The witness statement was rejected, i was not notified of this as i should've been by Maidstone as it was obviously there decision. The way i found out it was rejected was by 2 EA's turning up early to my mothers address, which is where the PCN was registered. My you siblings and mother were getting ready for the school run and my mum was walking around in her bath rope getting ready to go to work. When the EA's arrived my mum opened the door slightly to speak to them as she didn't know who they were. One of them immediately put his foot in the door. My mum became qu
  6. Thanks. I think i will wait for the outcome and then pay them. When paying is it best to call the actaul bailiff or the company they work for?
  7. Dodgeball - Yeah i think it was noted just to put a bit of pressure on me. Ill ring her and get it settled or do i now have to wait for the witness statement to be returned? BA - It was a similar site, DWB in this case. Thank-you both for the help. I will update, when i know more.
  8. So how would she get enter in the first place to make her list? Is her only available method of entry a peaceful one? I assume she knows its my car because its the same one the debt is for and has been told by Phoenix. I guess i will wait for the outcome of the Witness statement and complaint letter to the Ombudsman, then contact the Bailiff again and pay. Thanks.
  9. No i did not make the same mistake, that was only on this post, apologies. Is a signed control of goods agreement different from the warrant issued by the council/TEC? How easy is it for them to get one? I will ring them as she seems pretty insistent that she can enter. Maybe thats just scare tactics so i peacefully allow her to enter or pay up immediately!? The car is in a private car park that belongs to the management company of the building i live in, and is within private grounds Just to clarify I'm not trying to get out of this or find some loophole. I just want to pay wh
  10. Yeah i did think the original advice i received was possibly off, it appears the site i used is already being questioned by member of this forum on other threads, and i could not find anything to back up the advice. The bailiff left another letter yesterday, titled notice of removal. It said that no one needs to be in for her to enter? By paying the debt have i removed her power to force entry or did she not have power to force entry anyway. Due to being under the impression that her action was imminent and that i didn't want a Bailiff entering my parents home, after speaking to Debt
  11. Hello and thanks for the reply. Is there any obligation for the council to notify the EA's that i had paid as they instructed them? Also its bad that the online payment system still accepted my payment and didn't re-route me. Also when i contacted the council they said its out of there hands and has nothing to do with them. I contacted CAB and Debtline. The advisor at Debtline advised me to write a complaint letter to the council stating that i would not have reached this point if they had advised Phoenix or refused my payment. They could also have informed me
  12. Whilst in the process of dealing with a PCN that had reached the enforcement stage, that had become a mess due to Maidstone Council authorising Marston and Phoenix. I quickly paid off another that i knew i needed to be paid directly using Maidstone councils online portal. Unbeknown to me this had been passed on to the EA's (Phoenix in this case), i paid on the 27th of Aug, i have a letter that was dated the 24th of Aug that i hadn't opened or was aware of due to several reasons. This was the first letter in the process telling me i owed £187, £112 of which was to
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