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  1. Thanks for your response dx100uk. Would this still be the case even though the incident will be 3 years in November? My daughter has just started Uni and i really don't want this following her (or us!!) around. I know that we'd do best to ignore the letters, but you'd think after three years they'd give it a bloody rest haha
  2. Hi there, seen a lot of people able to help out others in sticky situations as this one, so here goes! My daughter, now 20 received a letter (maybe 2nd/3rd letter? she can't remember) from the RLP stating she must pay the £150 owed 'where it is alleged you were involved in a wrongful act and were apprehended as a result of your actions' at a TK MAXX store in 2012. When this first came to my attention and I looked over forums like this, I was told that letters from the RLP are all threat and no action, and was advised to ignore them as they tend to disappear wi
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