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  1. what happens to ESA pending appeal for lets say a first time claimer who failed their WCA and subsequent MR for ESA- UC do they get paid as they used to?
  2. well done but do you think if the assessor knew they were being recorded they wouldn't of made up the "errors" so by not asking for a audio recording do you feel you caught them out in their own "errors" ie a covert recording trumps a requested one?
  3. yeh I get it I had to read up on some sites regarding UC but the logic is obviously not sound why make someone have a CC and sign on with restrictions when they have limited capability for work (lets assumes this is the case) when they didn't during ESA- JSA I mean someone with a psychiatric condition-bi polar or a serious mental health issue their condition can get worse with the stress of signing on or/and looking for work also what happens to EPS? or is this being phased out to
  4. so I presume that means you have to sign off UC to make a new claim for ESA with no CC ?
  5. well I don't think there's a difference if you claim ESA you should be put onto it at the assessment rate till your WCA which could take as long as 13 weeks but in the meantime you don't have to look for work in other words you should not be on UC if you feel your not fit for work only thing is you can claim ESA on a new or worsening condition
  6. I know this is not directly your query but on a side issue have you been on ESA prior or thought about it now? is your current situation stable? you seem to state that you maybe struggling and your not sure if you can reliably do this job you have lined up taking into account of your circumstances in reference to the DWP and their shenanigans....unless you are sure as can be that your close enough to fit for work. on your original query the only option unfortunately seems to be the tribunal route and as bazooka said to cc your MP with whose input lets hope its overturned with immediate
  7. at the WCA you just need to talk to reception to get taxi fair reimbursed (on the booklet that comes with the letter that invites you for a WCA it states you must to talk to them in advance if you have to travel by cab and want to be reimbursed though in practice it seems fine to talk to them on the day) for HMCTS you need to talk to them I don't know if they do also maybe they may say to get a receipt from the cabby
  8. also not sure how relevant this example is for you bt I thought you stated in earlier threads you cant use crutches or wheel chair- The HP has stated that I have good upper body strength and the decision-maker has stated that I can use a wheelchair to mobilise a significant distance. However, I don’t have a wheelchair. I have been advised to use crutches or sticks as I need to take some weight off my feet. My hips are damaged by my gait and I have been told by my Physiotherapist that if I was to use a wheelchair, my feet would seize up and I would be in more pain
  9. ok yes I knew it was for UC but could not find adequate info for JSA hardship payments so ...what you posted taken from the cpag site don't make sense to me either if we forget that under UC its seen as a loan what I was saying what diff if its UC or JSA it breaks logic to say one group gets less restriction on receiving hardship payment then the other. if so then a hypothetical - how would one get themselves on UC rather then staying on JSA (seeing lot are put on UC and shifted from JSA at times unless you fail the explicit UC criteria or UC is not available in your area) in order to get th
  10. hi no one has replied to this so was wondering myself as I dot understand the criteria for hardship payments below is cut n paste from another thread tommy was the poster - f your Universal Credit has been cut because of a sanction or penalty for fraud, you might be able to get some emergency money to help you cover household expenses like food and bills. This is called a 'hardship payment'. A hardship payment is usually a loan, so you’ll have to pay it back when your sanction ends. The Jobcentre will usually get the money back by taking an amount of money from your Univ
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