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  1. Hi Slick132 My DD came out on the 20th or there abouts every month, depending on if it was a Sat/Sun etc it would come out the next working day. I wrote a letter to state that I was cancelling my membership as I had completed my statutory 12 month contract with them and that was sent on 21st Aug. Now thinking about it I probably owe them the 30 days notice from what ive seen and im more than willing to pay that with them but thats it.
  2. I joined in Aug 2014 on the Bank Holiday Special. Sent them a notice of cancellation to the Gym branch I joined in (Stockton South) on 21st Aug 2015 as I had fulfilled my 12 month contract. As soon as the August Payment went out I cancelled my DD with the Bank. This morning I received a letter from Harlands requesting money with admin fees, I had already followed their cancellation steps. and fulfilled my 12 months as per agreement. Ive rang my branch and I was asked had I been into the gym to sign a cancellation, I stated I hadnt as per their own website it just says written notice. Whi
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