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  1. Well I have checked on my online account for Hb and it has been recalculated at the weekly amount I anticipated it to be about. The figures show all sorts of different payments back to April 14 but no further back. It says full details will be in my revised letter which I have still to date not received. They did this calculation 2 weeks ago and still paid my old entitlement. Today my new 2 weekly payment has gone on and it looks like they they have taken about £40 off the amount I am due. I'm still obviously not sure what my total overpayment is for the period. Should I sit and wait to get a
  2. I checked online it says last updated 8 Sep which must have been when my tax credit adjustment came in as I said in my original post. It says claim is still active. It all seems odd that they not amended it from what is now 7 working days ago since I went in. Then I handed in all my docs back to 2011 5 working days ago.
  3. I don't know perhaps they have suspended it but won't know until Thursday. I have definitely had no letter or anything. I hope they pay me the correct amount or suspend it. I just want it sorted and know what action if any they will take. Believe me if my pay slip differs by 1p they will be informed. I cannot go through this feeling again.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I just want it sorted so I can move forward with whatever is thrown at me. Yes a good idea I may pop in and let them know my holiday dates. I just dont want anymore more money being overpaid. I thought they would update claim as if now then take longer to just calculate the overpayment appreciate it's a fair way to look back. I have done all I can and in my mind it's the right thing just so glad they had not come to me i think I'd have been in a worse state than I've got myself in now. Thank you
  5. Still worried not heard anything about my HB overpayment. Handed in things over a week ago. My next payment is due this week and really don't want to be overpaid again. Is the reason I've not heard anything a bad sign ? Or is my calculation possibly taking a time to work out. I'm conjuring up all kinds if scenarios in my mind. I go away Thursday and worried in case i get a letter or something when I'm not home and get in trouble for not responding. Perhaps I'm being overly anxious.
  6. Just an update after calling into local council office today. I handed in all my p60s and pay slips tgat I could find back to year 10/11 . They did put my mind at rest and said i had come to them with no prompting or overpayment advice. She said they will recalculate and probably just arrange overpayment to be taken out of my correct entitlement. But i cant help worry as possible overpayment since 2011. She said we do try and help and mistakes do happen. She advised they can sometimes call for an IUC but if they do just tell them exactly as I have done so far. Sge said had been similar example
  7. Yes it seems logical they would catch overpayments earlier like ne through my own carelessness and people making false claims thus protecting public money.why would they stop that process?surely there are more errors now mine included sadly. Well I'm going in again to drop some older pay slips in. Have all my p60s back to 2011 but cannot find 2013 but found 5 pay slips from that year monthly income same on all.will this be ok. Just want it assesed quick as possible and face what i have to.. Thanks
  8. Thank you . Yes I guess coming forward is hopefully my saving grace. I really wish they had a system in place that you had to at least produce pay slips or p60 annually and if overpayment made was clawed back and if not provided payments were stopped. They did indicate they were surprised I had not been reviewed during this period. Maybe its because they seen regular change in circs due to my tax credits changing. Either way still the onus was on me. Appreciate your time to reply to me
  9. I know I've done all i can so far and that gives me a little relief
  10. Thank you so much for you prompt reply. It's just so worrying when I realised this I just knew I had to act quickly. In fact it was the overpayment they made me of two separate 2 weekly payments. They paid me around £100 more twice yet the benefit decision letter says I only have an overpayment of about £50. I am totally confused. Anyway I realised after digging out my old p60s that my net income us incorrect abd hence I went in and took in as much paperwork as I could. Wrote a statement saying believe my income shows incorrect and therefore think I have been overpaid. It's just the timescale
  11. Thank you all for your replies. I'm seriously not sure if I feel better or worse. I feel that reading this that I'm going to end up in court. I don't understand all these different sections. I know for sure I'm not going to sleep well. Yes I have not notified of a change that has now seemingly amounted to over 2k I'm summising. But i have adnitted this and gone in if my own accord nobody has yet contacted me. I think though I already have myself hung drawn and quartered for my mistake. Do you think I should seek legal advice but I don't think can afford a solicitor. Should i hang fire and see
  12. I have searched the forum for this topic and from what I have seen have become very worried. I have realised that I have been getting paid more Hb for a couple of years than I should have. I always informed tax credits of my income and i automatically got a change of financial circumstances letter from Local council which unfortunatley didn't read thoroughly.i thought the Hmrc and council offices linked now anyway (my naivety)as received these notices. It appears by my layman's reckoning i am over paid by about 20 per week maybe less in previous years which will obviously accumulate over coupl
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